Saturday, November 1, 2008

Marketing for Wedding Suppliers

I've always talked about what brides and grooms could do for their weddings here in my blog and thought of making a post specifically for wedding suppliers after hearing my dear friend, Ria, share her experience during the Mindanao Bloggers Summit about how she promotes her wedding coordination business.

Promoting your business online is a very important activity especially since searches for wedding related keywords is an important segment online (check it out at Google Trends). Here are some things wedding suppliers can do:

1. Create your content - create our own website or blog. I got a chance to chat with top wedding organizer, Loi Villarama, during a friend's wedding and he mentioned that he gets a lot of leads from his website since he comes out #1 in search results when you search for wedding coordinator. My friend Ria has the same experience and she said that despite being new in the business she gets a lot of customers because her blog serves as testimonials to her work.

2. Promote your website/blog - the easist way to get traffic to your site is to do search engine marketing. It's the most cost efficient way to promote your website/blog. Try Google Adwords for as low as a dollar a day (you can also pay in peso) and I assure you you'd get traffic for your services. It's a D-I-Y way of marketing, here's a tutorial on how to do it.

3. Personalize your email - add credibility to your business by personalizing your email. You can do this for free by getting a domain and registering it on Google Apps for Your Domain. It's easy! Just register it at Google Apps (I also have a tutorial here).

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pinoy Wedding in New York

I just wanted to share this very beautiful wedding of my friend based in New York.

Watch this -

Congratulations Claro and Cecille! =)

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Wedding Album

A wedding photographer would eat up about 15 to 20% of your budget and more if you get a renowned one. You definitely have to get the best photographer around and make sure the he delivers.

I have some friends who have been married for more than 2 years now and have not received their wedding album. They do have digital copies of their wedding photos, but despite frequent follow-ups with their wedding photographer they have not received their album. Because of this I asked the advise of my wedding photographer-friends and they said that my friends had the misfortune of hiring those suppliers and just have to be adamant about having their albums finally delivered. My wedding supplier friends also mentioned that you could actually hire a photographer for his services alone and just have your album printed by yourself.

I did some research and found out that there are several suppliers you could work with to print your wedding album.

1. Picture Books - you can lay-out the album by yourself by downloading the software or work with them through any of their six braches. "Books" are available in small, medium, large or extra-large, softcover or hardcover. Prices range from PhP250 to PhP2,795.

2. Printed Matter - the options for album printing is a bit limited since they just designed it to be a "signature album", but still an option nonetheless.

3. Fuljifilm - album sizes range from 4 x 6 to 12 x 12 and printed on hard cardboard-photo-paper. Prices range from PhP980 to PhP3,900.

Here's a book I had printed with Picture Books recently -

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Engagement at the Top of the World

Jason Chuck, product marketing manager of Google, shared during the press launch of Google Mapmaker that he was in the Philippines for two reasons: (1) to get engaged; and (2) for the launch of the Google Mapmaker.

The Twisted Wedding Planner then grabbed the chance to ask Jason about the kilig side of his trip and he excitedly recounted how he planned the engagement. Jason said that he originally wanted to relive the first time he met his fiance - on the mountaintop during a snow boarding trip. He was set on doing that but unfortunately the season for snow boarding has ended.

There isn't that much map data yet in the Philippines, but Jason heard a lot about Palawan, so he decided to go to El Nido. The trip proved to be an exciting one and they both went on a sunset hike. Jason's girlfriend had no idea that he had set-up a romantic nook at the top.

"It wasn't so romantic you know since we were all sweaty and tired after the hike, and it rained a bit so the sunset I was hoping for wasn't there, but things went well," Jason shared.

It's so heartwarming to hear how guys go through all the trouble to prepare to get engaged. It is, after all, the start of a whole new chapter in one's love story.

Thanks Jason for sharing your story!
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dear Bride, Smile :D

OMG! I had gotten so busy I have not updated the Twisted Wedding Planner in almost 2 months!


I've actually been to two weddings and the biggest wedding expo at the PICC Forum and add Cebu and Jakarta to that. So enough about explaining my absence.

There's one thing that I noticed among brides - some of them DON'T SMILE! And methinks that's really bad and I noticed that this happens whenever the bride handles all of the wedding preparations. It happens you-know especially when the hubby-to-be works abroad.

And I think that's the value of getting a wedding coordinator or getting your friends more involved in planning your wedding. Brides get all stressed whenever they take care of everything for the wedding. I can just imagine the worry and anxiety that something bad might happen during the ceremony and reception. And I thought the best solution for that is getting someone to help you (if the groom isn't around or not much into the preparations).

So dear bride, don't forget to smile on your wedding day!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Spidey Proposal

The best planned proposals more often than not don't happen as scripted.

One of my friends just came back from a vacation... and got engaged in THE most romantic way. More often than not it's my girl friends who gush and rush to tell the story and we always end up giggling and kilig over the latest romantic drama special. But this time it was the groom-to-be who related to me how he got engaged.

So off he went to vacay at the Maldives with his girl friend. His girl friend had no idea what he was up to. He knew he wanted to propose in the most romantic way, but the moment just never came up. He tried to get her to go out to the sunset, but she wanted to take a shower instead. The next day it rained. The right time just wasn't coming up! So he just kept bringing the ring wherever they went.

And then Spiderman 3 came up on HBO, one of their favorite movies. My friend's GF loves the movie and started re-enacting the part where Aunt May was describing how Uncle Ben proposed to her and as Aunt May said, "He had me close my eyes, and when I opened them, there was the ring." She closed her eyes as well and when she opened them... there was the ring and my friend on one knee!

It was the perfect moment!

Congratulations Erik and Claudia! =)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Getting Married Online

Huh? No I don't mean doing the ceremonies online, but planning your wedding online.

The Official Google Blog gave a great rundown on an example on how a couple used Google tools in planning their wedding.

We all know that planning a wedding is such a daunting task. When I planned weddings for my friends all these tools weren't available yet, but I've been using it myself and I covered Gmail, Gtalk, Google Docs, Google Notebook, Blogger and Google Apps for Your Domain in a previous post.

There's a new collaborative tool though that I've been trying out the past few weeks and it's quite exciting since you can build a site all about your wedding in it and easily share photos, videos, documents, maps etc. in the page. This tool is called Google Sites and you can utilize this just simply by getting a Google Account (your Gmail account would do).

My tutorial about how to use Google Sites is over at

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Brides have a certain glow on their wedding day and they're even made more beautiful by make-up artists.

I recently had a make-over done courtesy of Mona Borromeo, a make-up artist who does commercial projects and weddings. While she was putting make-up on me I asked her to give some tips about bridal make-up and here's a couple she gave me:

1. Having clear skin is very important. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

2. Get a spa treatment and a facial at least 2 weeks before the wedding, so that if ever your skin breaks-out it'll have time to go back to normal before the wedding.

3. Sleep! You don't want to look like a panda on your wedding day.

4. Eat! Bride's usually do crash diets and this makes them look sullen. Lose the pounds gradually!

5. Do a pre-nup trial make-up. This is very important since this is where you'll see how you want to look on your wedding day. This also allows the make-up artist to get to know the structure of your face for practice.

I liked the glowing look that Mona did for me.

What do you think?

You might want to give Mona a try, here's her contact info:
Mona Borromeo
Professional Make-up Artist
anom_2425 @
anom_050177 @

Saturday, June 7, 2008

St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Chapel, Magallanes

Better known as the Magallanes Church. The St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Chapel has undergone a major facelift. This church sits across the building where I previously worked and since it's just across where I sit, I normally face the church every morning while drinking my coffee. When things got crazy at work I'd just peer over the window and meditate.

From the highway you'd see the chapel... just the side of it that is. I've always been curious on how it's facade looks like already and was happy to have gotten the chance to see its "face" last week while visiting the area. Here's how it looks:

I wasn't able to go inside and check how it looks like now, but I'm sure that the interiors must be better lighted now and would probably be a great place to hold one's wedding.

Here's the contact info I managed to get when I did a Google search -

Address: Humabon Place, Magallanes Village, Makati City, PHilippines
Telephone number: +632-852-8228/2750

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weddings at Divisoria: D-I-Y Wedding Giveaways

When I was a kid I remember being a flower girl in a series of weddings. My Mom's very creative and crafty and we used to do the giveaways and other wedding accessories (i.e. table decor, entourage purses etc.). I was then exposed to going on trips to Divisoria, Quiapo and Baclaran to buy materials for our projects.

Going to Divisoria isn't difficult nor dangerous at all. We usually park at the 168 (mall) or during peak season we park along Reina Regente or sometimes nearby Binondo Church and then we walk. If you don't feel like bringing a car you can also take the FX from Taft avenue or the LRT 2 and get off at Recto then you can take the pedicab to Tabora. Just make sure you dress simply and just bring the essentials. Be alert as well.

You can purchase craft materials along Tabora street. You can buy at the street (make sure you haggle) or for those who are adventurous, try going inside the Yangco Market, there are a lot of craft stores inside. My favorite stores include "Good Morning" and "Morning Glory". That's where I buy materials for my craft projects. You also have the option to buy ready-made wedding giveaways. Prices go from PhP10 and up.

Some materials you can pick-up at the street are shotglasses, glass vases, mini-baskets and pouches. You can decorate the shotglass with a small flower and then have a sticker made at Robee Sticker with your name and wedding date. Glass vases can be filled-up with colored sand and customized with a ribbon with your names printed on a small card. You can also fill-up pouches with potpourri. For the crafty you can probably buy illustration board, some cloth and make frames! Ahhh, with all the available materials in Divi, there's so much you can do!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Weddings at Divisoria: Inexpensive but Glamorous Wedding Attire

You've probably heard time and time again that you can complete your and your entourage's wedding attire for less than PhP10,000 at Divisoria.

Is it for real?

Yes it is! The Twisted Wedding Planner went on a trip to Divisoria once again last weekend in search for cheap and inexpensive wedding clothes and we saw these -

Wedding Entourage Gowns great for flower girls, bridesmaids, secondary sponsors, maid of honor (barongs for men and kids also available). Price range: PhP400 to PhP1,000.

Bridal Gowns complete with accessories like the veil, cord, pillow for the rings and arrhae. Price range: PhP2,500 and up.

When I helped organize my friend's wedding we went around Divisoria and found this quaint shop. We got her gown and the groom's attire for just PhP5,000 and bought gowns for the entourage at Php550 per set. My friend didn't even need to have the gown altered since it fit her perfectly, but you can also have one customized for you.

C.A.L. Bridal Boutique
Contact: Caying Lopez, Proprietress
Yangco Market
Pas. X-40, 42 cor. Paz Z
814 Tabora St., Binondo, Manila
Tel. 632-244-2761

Another shop around the corner is:

Hi-Ico Commercial
Contact: Cathie I. Uy
50-52 Pas. W cor. Pas Z Yangco Marketi
Ilaya St. Divisoria, Manila
Tel. 632-244-5956
Email: cathieuy @ gmail . com

Sunday, May 11, 2008

How to Dodge Questions on Being Engaged

This post is for those who are being silly about confirming rumors of being engaged.


Here are some standard answers you can use:

1. The thought makes me hyperventilate.
2. The to-do list is quite long, must complete it first.
3. We're still saving up for it.
4. We're planning to elope.

And the best answer that usually shuts up people

5. We accept donations.

I'm trying to come up with more silly answers. If you have any, hope you can share `em!

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

San Agustin Church

Last Sunday I went on a Manila tour with friends from Davao and we were bewildered to witness 3 weddings (yes T-H-R-E-E) in less than 3 hours at the San Agustin Church in Intramuros. The first one we caught while they were taking photos at the altar, saw the beginning of the second while we were in the San Agustin Museum and witnessed the bridal walk of the third wedding at the second floor at the back of the church. Whew! 3 weddings in less than 3 hours!

Here's why San Agustin Church is a sought-after church for weddings (I heard you have to book at least a year before) -

And if you're looking for something to do with your Sweetie, why not go on a Manila tour? Go on a food tour in Binondo, a walk in Intramuros and a cruise on Manila Bay. Here's my video blog about it -

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Pre-Nup Video

One of my friends dumped on me 4 thick albums days before her wedding and said, "Hope you can do our pre-nup video! Here's your dress, we gotta go now. See ya at the hotel before the wedding."

I was faced with a huge problem then - I HAD NO VIDEO EDITING SKILLS back then. I had mastered powerpoint by then, so I ended up scanning multitudes of photos and did a timed video. I have since done a couple of pre-nup "videos" for other friends and it usually goes by this formula:

Once upon a time...
Groom's baby to elementary to high school and college photos
Bride's baby to elementary to high school and college photos

When the prince met and pursued the princess...
Photos showing how the couple met
The courtship

The prince and princess together
The relationship
The engagement

And then the story ends at the point where the couple's pre-nup photos are showcased. A simple, but effective formula. I always choose the funniest photos and I try to relay the couple's love story through pictures. Doing it on powerpoint is kinda limiting and that's why I started to vlog (to learn how to edit videos).

While walking through hoards of suppliers in various wedding expos, I have found it really hard to distinguish the uniqueness of each supplier - especially for videos and photos. I usually end up hiding behind Sweetie while going through throngs booths. I get dizzy with all the flyers being handed out and I admit I have 2 bagfuls that I have not managed to sort.

I was reading through some twits through my Twitter account when I saw Buddy twit about some of the videos he has done recently. I met Buddy two years ago when he was just starting out. He was the one who captured me on video in the very first workshop I gave for PTTC. I eventually saw him again in an IT club meeting.

Anyway, I was kinda in an exploratory mode so I checked out his videos in his Youtube channel and I was very pleased with what I saw. I went through a couple of the pre-nup videos and realized what makes Buddy stand out from all others.

He has passion for his craft.

I have seen a lot of pre-nup videos done by studios and they all do not have heart. They just basically plug in everything in a video, timed with a love song and that's just about it. It's always just a canned, boring thing that makes you squirm in your seat while watching it.

Buddy's videos is like having your friend do it.

These I think are two very important elements when doing your pre-nup video. I wonder if Buddy will give me a huge discount when my time comes. Hehehe. (Just seriously kidding!).

Here's one of Buddy's heartwarming videos -

That's former PNP Chief Art Lumibao with wife Mrs. Jackie Tiu-Lomibao.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Baptist Wedding

A year ago I had to help my son do his Christian Living homework. We had to find out how a Baptist wedding is done. Were the rituals the same? The traditions? Was it very different from Christian/Catholic weddings? I totally had no idea, but thanks to Mr. Google we found the answer.

It was only a few weeks ago that I finally had the privilege of attending a Baptist wedding. My former colleague and workstation-seatmate, Jonas, tied the knot at the Blue Leaf in McKinley Hill last March 31, 2008. I was quite excited to attend since Jonas told me about Tara even before he met her. Ahhh, it is such a beautiful love story. Jonas and Tara are a perfect blend.

Here's the program of a Baptist wedding:

Prelude: entrance of officiating minister to bride's parents
Serenade to the Bride
Unrolling of white carpet: entrance of flower girl and then the bride
Celebration of Marriage: giving away of the bride and scripture reading
The ministry of the Word/Wedding Message
Exhortation: Wedding Hymn, Exchange of Vows and Rings, Lighting of Unity Candle, Signing of Wedding Contract
Tribute to Parents
Affirmation of Marriage Bond
Sending Forth: Benediction, the Kiss, Formal Presentation of the Couple

The ceremony was very solemn and each step highlighted a significant aspect of marriage. It was also obvious that most of the guests were from their community - which shows that one's marriage is supported as well by the whole community.

To Jonas and Tara, best wishes! And good luck in your new life in a far but near country. Yahooooooo!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

At the Wedding Expo!

Two minutes into the wedding expo I started hyperventilating. I thought I already got over those sudden panic attacks after doing a couple of my friends' weddings. But no-oh, I just had to hyperventilate at the "Weddings & Debuts 2008" at the Megatrade Hall yesterday. Good thing Sweetie was with me and there was a huge electric fan which kinda revived me. Sweetie ended up collecting the flyers and talking with the suppliers. Hehehe.

So why attend wedding exhibits?

Get to check out really nice gowns!

1. Meet suppliers - I've gone to a number of exhibits already and normally suppliers vary from one fair to another.

2. Get ideas - it's nice to attend expos especially when you're just starting to plan your wedding. A lot of people really don't have experience in organizing events and planning a wedding IS a daunting task. You can do research online, read maganizes (best one I've read so far is "Wedding Essentials") and then go to these fairs to get more ideas.

3. Compare costs - sometimes it's tempting to just go with whoever's there, but with careful planning and time, you can always cut on costs. Don't go for the first supplier that fits your budget since there are many considerations to do. Check out testimonials and feedback about the companies you'll be working with (I'll probably make a post about bride-supplier horror stories soon).

4. Check out new trends - there are always new things introduced in these fairs. A percentage of suppliers who participate in wedding exhibits are new and normally have new products/services to offer. I saw a couple of interesting stuff yesterday and I'll post about that too soon.

5. Bonding time with the fiance - A couple of my married friends complained that guys are usually not participative in doing wedding stuff. Well girl, give the guy a break, planning your wedding is a huge task, keep your cool and do things one step at a time. The Wedding Essential magazine has a great planning booklet you can follow. Attend a wedding fair, look around and just enjoy each other's company. Wedding singers also perform during this fair and it's a great way to hear them since they don't really have demo "tapes". We managed to say hi and hello with Richard Poon at the expo yesterday.

And to end this post, here's Richard Poon's carrier single, "I'll Take Care of You"

Got a nagging question about your wedding? Email me at aileen @

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Planning Your Wedding Online

I couldn't help but giggle over the Google Docs interface... it was just so... pink!

I previously did a wedding where both the bride and the groom were based in Singapore. I wish Google Docs was available back when we were planning things. It would've saved a lot of time and money spent for communication. What is Google Docs for anyway?

Google Docs
is an online interface that allows you to collaborate in real time. It where you can create documents such as your guest list, emcee script, misalette and even your budget online and you can easily share and revise things with your fiance in real time. Check out this sample entourage and guest list spreadsheet.

It's easy to do! You can easily create it using your Gmail account, click on the "Documents" link on the upper left corner. It should go to the Google Docs interface. To create a new document, just click on "New" and select what kind of document you want to create, choose spreadsheet if you're going to make lists, or "Document" for stuff like scripts or write-ups. To allow your fiance to make inputs in the document, click on the "Share" tab which can be found on the right side and then fill-in his email address (must be using Gmail as well) and click on "Invite as collaborator". This will bring you to a notice page where you can leave a note for him and this shall be sent as an email to him and he can easily access the document.

Confused? Please check out the Google Docs tour.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm in Shock! (A Valentine Revelation)

I'll tell you a little secret. In the past 5 years I've been using, I've changed the "name of the groom" in the My Kasal registry several times already. Huwhaaaatttt?!?!?

It's not what you are thinking! Here are the reasons why I've held my account active for more than 5 years now:

(1) The Resources - I've helped quite a number of my friends organize their weddings and since some of them are not tech savvy I usually end up doing the missalette side-by-side with them and it's less hassle to actually register them as a couple.

(2) The Newsletter - gives me updates on events and stuff (but I think the service is currently not available - if you enjoy reading my musings, subscribe to my blog by email).

(3) Because I want to get married too.

Okay, so the real secret is I would change the "name of the groom" to my latest crush. It took me four years to find another boyfriend you see and everytime I opened my account to help a friend I'd change the name.

So a year ago I kinda had this huge crush on my best friend and I replaced the groom's name to his name (SFX: "Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying, planning and dreaming each night of his charms..." ).

After finishing my friend's missalette I didn't log-in anymore to my account, until today.

And got the SHOCK of my life.

I logged-in because I wanted to update my account since my best friend became my boyfriend about 5 months ago and I was kinda panicking about the account this morning because I thought someone else was registered as the groom.

Sweetie actually answered wrong when I asked him to guess who the registered groom was.

It was him. And the random wedding date I placed a year ago is our anniversary date (but dated for 2009).

Strange huh.


Believe it or not.

I am still in shock.

P.S. But good news, the groom's name is not going to change anymore =)

Happy Valentine's everyone!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Weddings with Precious Moments

A few weeks ago I was in Kalibo, Aklan and got the surprise of my life when I got a chance to stay at Sampaguita Gardens Resort. The resort is in "Christmas Season" all year round and this is highlighted by Jojo's Christmas Cottage which showcases Precious Moments products by Sam Butcher (the founder of Precious Moments and owner of the resort).

I've always encountered Precious Moments products since I was a kid, but I never really collected them. I'd see cards, figurines, dolls and anek-anek that sported the PM "eyes". I was quite fascinated with the wedding products the have.

I interviewed the store staff a bit and found out that you can actually order your own customized doll. You can have a 16" doll done wearing your wedding gown's design and that would cost around PhP6,000.

For more information about ordering a customized Precious Moments doll please call at +63-36-2646556 or 2623422 loc 207. You may also want to order wedding giveaways from them or have your wedding reception at the Sampaguita Gardens Resort.

Get a glimpse of the resort by visiting Lakwatsera Ako.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Honeymoon

Whenever I travel I see quite a lot of lovebirds giving each other goo-goo eyes. My thought balloon? "Newlyweds! Accckkk get-me outta here!" You'd easily spot them at airports because they're always touching each other, holding hands, fixing each others hair, it's like they can't get enough of each other.


Okay so I'm green with envy since they seem to be wrapped up in a world of their own. I was in Boracay a few weeks ago and saw quite a number of couples walking hand in hand by the sea shore, sipping fruit shakes at D' Mall, shopping for trinkets, getting strangers to take their photos, ahhh... the blissful life of a newlywed.

Not all of my friends who got married went on a honeymoon. Elders say that the honeymoon should come immediately after the wedding - at least 3 days of it. Quite a number of my friends either went to the beach (Palawan, Boracay, Bohol, Bali, the Maldives), others went abroad (Singapore, Hongkong, Bangkok, Cambodia), others just checked-in a hotel here in Metro Manila. Well wherever it is you want to go I guess I can give a couple of tips on how to choose a location where you can spend your honeymoon (since I travel a lot and I maintain a travel blog at Lakwatsera Ako).

1. Budget - plan your trip within your means. A friend of mine didn't plan to have a honeymoon since they were already strapped for cash because of the wedding, but since their wedding dance (the traditional one where money is pinned on the bride and groom) produced 13K they decided to spend a few days in Los Banos and set aside most of the money for their new abode. Budget for airfare/bus fare, land transpo (taxis and tricycles), food, accommodations, tips and pasalubong. Ask around or check Lakwatsera Ako's budget break-downs for vacations. Always keep some emergency money in a pocket or two.

2. Interests - know each other's interests. You might love going to the beach or trekking, but she hates the sun. Or you might like flying and she just wants her feet firmly on the ground. Agree on what you want to do during your honeymoon and make sure that the activities you will be doing are things you will both enjoy.

3. Health - know your fiance's health limits. He/she might be the type that gets hilo (nauseous) when riding boats or the airplane, check for allergies (food, insect etc.) and other health related matters. Bring medicine as well. Better be safe than sorry.

One key thing though (methinks) is to find accommodations that's rated well by past dwellers. You can easily find write-ups and testimonials by searching for it on Google.

I just want to add that if you decide to go to Boracay for your honeymoon, I urge you to stay at Station 1 so you can be in lovey-dovey mood all the time. Sur, a resort in Station 1 is a great place to stay. I would've brought home the pillows, comforter and bed if it was possible! LOL.

Here's a short video I made about Sur -

Friday, January 11, 2008

Beach Weddings

Admit it, the thought of a beach wedding crossed your mind too. You've imagined yourself all garbed-up in a white flowing gown, hair adorned with flowers, the wind gently fanning you while saying I do while the sun is setting. Your silhouette forever etched against the sunset in a photo for your wedding album. A very romantic set-up indeed.

I remember a colleague who had her wedding at a resort in Bali. The advantage, of course, was having very few guests, but she had to coordinate as well all the airline and hotel bookings and transfers of her guests. I could just imagine what a nightmare it must have been to make all arrangements. After the wedding she said that there were a lot of hitches and loopholes, but she said she just let her OC-side go, did not make a fuss and just had fun.

Last weekend, I chanced upon a wedding reception while walking along Boracay's famous seashore and this is how it looked -

The video does not do any justice to the beauty of the set-up. The newlyweds were placed under a special tent (and they looked really gorgeous). Guests were coming back and forth the buffet table which was filled with fresh seafood. The atmosphere was also very festive and romantic at the same time. I'm sure they partied until late that night.

After taking a short video of the set-up I walked on, but kept looking back at the festivities since it looked so charming and exciting. I think I am too OC though to have it at the beach.