Thursday, May 1, 2008

San Agustin Church

Last Sunday I went on a Manila tour with friends from Davao and we were bewildered to witness 3 weddings (yes T-H-R-E-E) in less than 3 hours at the San Agustin Church in Intramuros. The first one we caught while they were taking photos at the altar, saw the beginning of the second while we were in the San Agustin Museum and witnessed the bridal walk of the third wedding at the second floor at the back of the church. Whew! 3 weddings in less than 3 hours!

Here's why San Agustin Church is a sought-after church for weddings (I heard you have to book at least a year before) -

And if you're looking for something to do with your Sweetie, why not go on a Manila tour? Go on a food tour in Binondo, a walk in Intramuros and a cruise on Manila Bay. Here's my video blog about it -

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  1. unfortunately, the people behind the san agustin museum have no consideration for engaged couples. they started renovations on the facade without sending advanced notices to people who have already reserved the church -- leaving them to be surprised by monstrous blue tarpaulins flapping in front. in addition, they do not inform couples who are about to reserve that the renovations are expected to last for months.

    we had reserved in february 2008, long before they started the renovations in september. we received no notice whatsoever, and only found out by accident. when we asked about the length of the project (around a month before, enough time to pick a new venue and send out new invitations), they told us that it would be done in two or three weeks --- a blatant lie because it was confirmed by several members of the construction firm that they had agreed the project would last at least four months.

    what is worse, the head of the museum committee, father pedro galende, seems to see himself as too important a person to compromise (really and truly a 21st century prayle). this person is a rude, self-righteous wolf in sheep's clothing, with no compassion at all. he even refused our final plea to please remove the blue eyesore for an evening (at our own expense, for one hour only) because the paint is sensitive to sunlight (i repeat, it was evening wedding). in addition, his entire staff is unwilling to recognize that it is their responsibility to AT LEAST inform people, especially those who have reserved already.

    the only saving grace of this place is the parish staff (separate from the museum staff, and similarly plagued by the museum staff's shortcomings). aside from apologizing profusely for something that was not their own fault, they managed to book us a new venue with only two days to go.