Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Do for Jimmy and Kring

Taking time out from my blogging sabbatical to write about dear friends Kring and Jimmy who joined the TV show "I Do".

Getting married is something that you really should go into with open eyes. As elders always say, "Marriage isn't like newly cooked rice that you can just spit out if you find it too hot." You have to be prepared - emotionally, physically, financially before getting married because love cannot feed you in the long run, no matter how romantic it sounds.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Jimmy and Kring join the show. I met Kring in a blogger event, she was known then as funnysexy and she was indeed really funny. I bumped into her oftentimes in other blogging events, community events and blogger dinners and it was in one of those dinners that she dragged in Jimmy who she introduced as her boyfriend. That evening was spent with Jimmy explaining why, "Korea was the best." At that time he didn't speak/understand Filipino, but he contributed a lot to making the event more fun.

In the last few years I didn't really get to see Jimmy and Kring together. I'd see Kring every so often in some events, but I saw how their relationship was blossoming through their posts on FB. At one time Kring even made a song and a music video out of the song for their anniversary (I think it was the first one).

And now they are ready to take their relationship to the next level. I'm really happy they went through this "pre cana on steroids". The one I went through before I married is incomparable to the experience that they went through. I saw how much they've grown as individuals and as a couple through the show and I think that they are really ready to take things to the next level.

Let's help them make their dream come true and give them the wedding they want!

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