Friday, March 12, 2021

Bridal Cars, Some Cute Options

Don't you miss the days you can walk around bridal fairs? Those were fun times where you can find the best and upcoming wedding suppliers. Sweetie and I did this a few times before we tied the knot. A few suppliers we got from those bridal fairs, but our wedding team were mostly friends. 

If you are getting married during this time, do you still plan to hire a bridal car? Our bridal car did not show up (bad supplier from a bridal fair). We ended up using two cars. One was an unmarked taxi I hired for a friend who stood it as day coordinator. The other was a delivery fiera of a dear friend. Our parents left us at the reception venue and forgot we didn't have a ride. We rode back to our hotel in style! Hahaha. 

I don't exactly remember what car I originally booked for our bridal car. It was probably a Mercedes Benz as an ode to my Dad's Benz we used when I was growing up. We found these cars cute though --

I'm pretty sure you can still hire a bridal car during this time, but to be honest you don't really need it. You just need to get to the church and get back home (or to your hotel) after. We had a grand time riding our friend's red delivery fiera on the way back to our hotel. We got a standing ovation from the airline crew that was waiting for their ride to the airport hahaha. 

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Out of this World Pre-Nup Pictorial

It is always interesting to see couples who have unique photos. We have seen a number of couples who played around the pandemic theme. We recently saw two doctors tie the knot wearing jazzed-up PPEs. 

Here's a couple who took their pre-nup pictorial out of this world. They were inspired by their favorite movie "Interstellar" and dressed up as astronauts. Their photographer certainly made their photos look outworldly. Check out the news clip about this unique pre-nup pictorial -