Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Wedding Dream

Have you ever dreamed about your wedding? Not daydream, but have an actual dream that you are walking down the aisle. I have!

I've been having the same dream since I was 15. It's like watching a wedding video where the camera pans on me (the bride) and then focuses out as I start walking down the aisle. I am very happy in this dream. Ecstatic. Emotional (as any bride would be I think).

At some point through the years I became curious on who my groom was and tried looking, but it was like a curtain that wouldn't open. The face was always blurred. Strange huh? It's always been that way and I've been having this dream for more than 15 years now. Have I ever seen who it is? Secret :)

Anyway, at least I could say I would be a very pretty bride (LOL) and that I look great in a tube gown (but what I wear always changes). Hahaha. I honestly don't think I'd be able to manage my own wedding (if ever!) and well I gotta find myself my groom first.

I think it's nice to dream about one's wedding, albeit mine's pretty strange and let's not talk about what the manghuhula says about me and having kids. For those who are still searching (why are reading this blog, head over to An Apple a Day if you're single haha), a lot of people have advised me to pray to St. Jude (the patron saint of the impossible) and I think my prayers have finally been answered.

*Photo - Tappy throwing her bouquet. I think the photo was taken by Boggs.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Weddings Should Be Fun

Monster brides are born because of the thought that everything in one's wedding should be perfect. NOT! I remember having a bride who didn't sleep a wink the night before her wedding because she was so anxious about impressing everybody. She didn't want to get any criticism and spent a lot of money to "impress" her guests. Well dear, you did impress everybody but you forgot to enjoy your wedding day and the anxiety you felt is all over your wedding mementos.

So, lesson learned, BE HAPPY! BE SILLY! And ENJOY your wedding day!

Which is precisely what me and my friends enjoyed at Sunshine & Leo's wedding yesterday. We all knew the pains Sunshine took in preparing her wedding. Everything was chosen after careful selection - read her blog and you'll know how she took care of every teenie-bitty detail for her wedding day. And it was just really perfect.

I was just really happy to just be a guest for once at Sunshine & Leo's wedding. I wasn't stressed at all and managed to enjoy the whole ceremony. Plus! I got to eat a lot of the sumptuous feast at the wedding reception. And seeing old college and high school friends was really a feast in itself. We all looked like we were still in college (yeah, yeah, put that brow down) and despite our formal attire, we were just plain silly the whole time.


Cheers and best wishes to Sunshine and Leo! :)