Monday, October 12, 2009

After the Storm

We both fell victim to typhoon Ondoy. His house filled up with about 5 feet of water. I would've drowned in my basement since water rose to about 6 feet. The devastation left us both with much less material things, but we realized that we had each other and we had something to look forward to... our wedding.

All the wedding materials I have gathered perished in the flood. All the magazines, notes, flyers, documents (birth/baptismal/confirmation certificate) and samples did not survive. Good thing I made my fiance keep all the receipts in a clear book and it was with him when disaster struck. Anyway all of these can be easily replaced and it was a good thing I've been holding off buying wedding stuff. I'm just really sad that mementos from the engagement perished too.

Well these are just material things and there is still much to be thankful for. I thought I lost my engagement ring. When the water subsided I went to my basement to look for it. I found it nestled within my bracelet rosary which was the only thing that was left on my dresser since it moved about 5 feet away from where it original stood. I knew then that things would eventually be okay.

I hope and pray that our brothers and sisters in Northern Luzon (and those still very much affected her in Metro Manila and nearby provinces) would find relief from the calamity. You can help too by reporting help needed or bringing aid, find out how or where here.