Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wedding Jitters

I'm a couple of weeks away from my wedding and the jitters are setting in. We have finally completed most of the tasks listed on our gantt chart and we're now busy delivering invitations and entourage gowns.

Just want to take this opportunity to thank my friends who have been really helpful the past few weeks we've been cramming. Our dream team!

Wedding Gown Designer: Amonn Velasco
Entourage Gowns Designer: Patricia Apolo

Photography & Videography
Videographer: BuddyGancenia Reality TV
Photography: Mimi and Karl (esp. Markku and Hana who also took vids and photos of the proposal)

Designer: Gail Villanueva (award winning!)
Printer: Dennise and Ian (sorry for bugging you on your honeymoon!)

Choir: Sun Valley Music Ministry


Bridal Car
Jack & Jenn ---> UBER PHAIL!

hand-crafted by Golconda Jewelry in Cagayan de Oro

Bridal Shoes
hablon weaved from Iloilo (thanks Miss Malou!)

Jose Miguel

Important Stuff
Giveaways and Missalette: my high school buddies, Ottie, Chare and Mercy
On the Day Coordination: my YP buddies, Jap, Dave, Ruthie and my best friend, Darwin
Counselling, Moral Support and for keeping me sane: Darwin, Anne and Tappy and my Mom

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Search for the Perfect Wedding Shoes

I've been looking around for the perfect shoes to match my wedding dress and it's been quite hard for me since I only saw my gown last week. I asked advise from my designer and he said that it's either I get something in mocha, champagne or in my motif shade (Mama Mary blue) or have it customized.

So I've been looking around for a shop to customize one for me and there's none in the malls. I've looked online through Google and found a couple but most of them would take 4-6 weeks to make! Oh well.

I was looking for handmade paper in Iloilo when I chanced upon the IPA Trade Pavillion. I was ecstatic when I found out that the shop moved to the Sarabia Manor Hotel where the convention I was attending was held. I found THE perfect wedding shoes done by Nono Palmos, unfortunately they did not have my size. The price was also pretty steep (I also fell in love with a pair of red shoes made of hablon cloth).

Miss Malou from the shop was very helpful though and said that I could just purchase a meter of hablon cloth (locally hand-weaved in Iloilo) and have it done in Manila. They also had some stocks of it in mocha and blue. Miss Malou also suggested that I can use any old pair and just stick it on (will ask my Mom).

Anyway, I'm going to call up my designer's friend who can customize shoes and we'll see how things go.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Applying for a Marriage License

My Mom always took care of my documents and eventually she taught me how to do things on my own. That didn't mean though that I liked doing "grown-up" stuff. The internet though has been very helpful though and it's much easier now to prepare stuff before going to the government agency involved (like how I renewed my passport).

Tying the knot involves a LONG document trail. I had to go to two churches for my baptismal and confirmation certificate. Requested for name change at the Diocese of Paranaque because the church misspelled my name in my confirmation certificate. My original birth certificates from NSO disintegrated during the flood. Good thing you can now easily request for your birth certificate and the ever important CENOMAR by ordering online. Whew!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Here Comes the Bride

Last week I got the chance to watch the tail-end of "License to Wed" and in one scene Mandy Moore's phone rang and her ringtone was "Here Comes the Bride" so I scrambled around Google and found the perfect ringtone for my phone.

If you're a bride, you might want to use it too. Download it here.