Saturday, November 1, 2008

Marketing for Wedding Suppliers

I've always talked about what brides and grooms could do for their weddings here in my blog and thought of making a post specifically for wedding suppliers after hearing my dear friend, Ria, share her experience during the Mindanao Bloggers Summit about how she promotes her wedding coordination business.

Promoting your business online is a very important activity especially since searches for wedding related keywords is an important segment online (check it out at Google Trends). Here are some things wedding suppliers can do:

1. Create your content - create our own website or blog. I got a chance to chat with top wedding organizer, Loi Villarama, during a friend's wedding and he mentioned that he gets a lot of leads from his website since he comes out #1 in search results when you search for wedding coordinator. My friend Ria has the same experience and she said that despite being new in the business she gets a lot of customers because her blog serves as testimonials to her work.

2. Promote your website/blog - the easist way to get traffic to your site is to do search engine marketing. It's the most cost efficient way to promote your website/blog. Try Google Adwords for as low as a dollar a day (you can also pay in peso) and I assure you you'd get traffic for your services. It's a D-I-Y way of marketing, here's a tutorial on how to do it.

3. Personalize your email - add credibility to your business by personalizing your email. You can do this for free by getting a domain and registering it on Google Apps for Your Domain. It's easy! Just register it at Google Apps (I also have a tutorial here).

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