Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reception Venues in Metro Manila

Going around the metro checking our churches and reception venues has been excruciating because of the horrendous summer heat! And it's not the way I want to get a tan. So I realized I should do more online research instead and I've put together a spreadsheet with some details on great wedding venues.

To see the list go here, it includes reception venues from:

Las Pinas
New Manila
Quezon City

Please take note that the rates may not be exact since I just got them from different forums and websites (and I've been to some). I'll be updating the sheet every once in a while.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Choosing Your Ceremony and Reception Venue

I tell you it's much easier to set-up an event for 400 developers than making arrangements for your own wedding. I have been to countless churches, reception venues and websites in the past two weeks. And that's just for the ceremony and reception venue. I have not even started to check all the other details that would complete the wedding. 

I realized though that it's important to set your goals from the beginning. Ask yourself, do you want a huge wedding or a cozy, intimate one? Is there a particular city you'd want to focus in? Any considerations you have to make for your family (i.e. no steep stairs, must have aircon etc.). Budget constraints? Theme? Motif? 

I've also been to multiple number of sites to check out churches and venues and to make things easier I created a Google Docs Spreadsheet to list down pertinent facts which would make it easier to review when we finally decide to sit down and choose

Here's what I did:

Church Comparative Chart
1. Address
2. Telephone
3. Contact Person
4. Packages: How much and Amenities include (candles, floral arrangement, choir, registration etc.)
5. Requirements

Reception Comparative Chart
1. Contact Details: Address, Telephone, Web Address, Email, Contact Person
2. Type of Venue: garden, hotel, restaurant, hall
3. Venue Capacity
4. Packages: note the amenities included, number of hours, caterer corkage, music etc.
5. Parking

Caterer Comparative Chart
1. Contact Details: Address, Telephone, Web Address, Email, Contact Person
2. Packages
3. Amenities included
4. Additional charges: service charge, VAT

These are just basic questions you should ask your suppliers. I'm sure I'll be adding stuff as I go along. And will share more specific info about venues/churches/caterers I've already interviewed.  

Friday, April 10, 2009

How to Have Fun During Your Wedding

Weddings tend to be really serious especially when the couple is nervous  (makes for really bad pictures!). I believe that weddings should be fun, fun, fun!

Here's a sample of a couple who definitely knows how to have fun!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Creating a Motif Mood Board

A mood board, huwhaaattt?!?

My mind's been buzzing for almost a month now because I just couldn't seem to choose a motif. I have been swinging from blue to yellow to pink to lavender every other hour and I don't see an end to it.

And then I had a brain fart (an idea!) last weekend. I thought, "Why not make a `swatch board' like how ad agencies do when they make presentations?" 

Ahhhh, finally something that would probably end the confusion. So with three colors - blue, yellow and gold - I did some searches on Google and found a number of snazzy images. I put them together on Google Docs so I can easily share it with my fiance. Here it is -

It definitely helped me. Try making one!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wedding Invitation via Video

A few months ago our dear friend Buddy Gancenia had this brilliant idea to make us a video wedding invitation and we did it just for kicks. It took me awhile before I got around to posting it here coz I thought people might mistake it for a real wedding invitation. LOL.

Anyway, here's a sample video wedding invitation done by multi-awarded wedding videographer Buddy Gancenia:

Contact Number: 
+(632) 419-7147 
+(63) 917 - 8514502
E-mail Address: 
buddygancenia @ yahoo.com

Friday, April 3, 2009

Migs & Cha: Brought Together by Music

I couldn't help but be teary eyed when I watched my friend, Migs, walk down the aisle last Saturday. He had this huge smile on his face while walking towards the alter. He was very calm and relaxed and even managed to quip, "December ha!" when he passed my fiance and me. And I had to keep my tears in check when Christian (Bautista) started singing "There's something in the way you look at me" as Cha started to walk down the aisle too. 

It was a wedding full of love because everyone present loved the couple and I think that's the key to a very successful and happy wedding day. It doesn't have to be expensive and extravagant either, all you need is your community who will be there for the rest of your lives. 

I was ecstatic about Migs' and Cha's wedding because I think they did everything perfectly. Here are some photos from the wedding:

Congratulations for a perfect wedding Migs and Cha! Happy honeymoon!

Church: Sacred Heart Church (Kamuning, Quezon City)
Reception: Max's Restaurant