Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Planning Your Wedding in the Middle of a Pandemic

There's no stopping love. When you want to spend the rest of your life together, a pandemic won't be able to stop it. Our wedding back in 2009 was almost moved because we were both affected by Typhoon Ondoy and Typhoon Pepeng. Both our homes were flooded and we lost all our wedding planning materials. Our suppliers were also affected by the severe floods brought by the typhoons. But the tragedy did not stop us from our plans to wed.

A pandemic cannot stop love. If there's a will there's a way. There's always something good you can find in tragedies. This is a good time to go back to basics. A wedding is just one day to your lifetime together. Take advantage of this time to focus on the essentials. Here's a list of how you can plan for a more intimate wedding:

Your guest list - an intimate list of family and best friends, the rest can join via video call perhaps.

Wedding venue - church or chapel? 

Reception - home, restaurant or small hotel room? 

Invites/stationery - e-invite, Whatsapp/Viber?

Flowers - small venue means less flowers needed. 

Photography and videography - photo and video memories are important, perhaps consider having a smaller team. 

Music and entertainment - maybe just get a friend to do the singing or use pre-recorded music. At our wedding we did enjoy having a choir and the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Attire - shorter dresses for small weddings are in nowadays. I don't suggest also spending so much for your gowns. 

Hair and make-up - my sister did her own make-up at her wedding, but perhaps opt for a smaller team to do your hair and make-up. 

Honeymoon - there are existing travel bubbles in the country, but remember you'll need documentation and swab tests for any travel you'd like to do. 

You can copy this document to tinker with budgeting for your wedding.