Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Baptist Wedding

A year ago I had to help my son do his Christian Living homework. We had to find out how a Baptist wedding is done. Were the rituals the same? The traditions? Was it very different from Christian/Catholic weddings? I totally had no idea, but thanks to Mr. Google we found the answer.

It was only a few weeks ago that I finally had the privilege of attending a Baptist wedding. My former colleague and workstation-seatmate, Jonas, tied the knot at the Blue Leaf in McKinley Hill last March 31, 2008. I was quite excited to attend since Jonas told me about Tara even before he met her. Ahhh, it is such a beautiful love story. Jonas and Tara are a perfect blend.

Here's the program of a Baptist wedding:

Prelude: entrance of officiating minister to bride's parents
Serenade to the Bride
Unrolling of white carpet: entrance of flower girl and then the bride
Celebration of Marriage: giving away of the bride and scripture reading
The ministry of the Word/Wedding Message
Exhortation: Wedding Hymn, Exchange of Vows and Rings, Lighting of Unity Candle, Signing of Wedding Contract
Tribute to Parents
Affirmation of Marriage Bond
Sending Forth: Benediction, the Kiss, Formal Presentation of the Couple

The ceremony was very solemn and each step highlighted a significant aspect of marriage. It was also obvious that most of the guests were from their community - which shows that one's marriage is supported as well by the whole community.

To Jonas and Tara, best wishes! And good luck in your new life in a far but near country. Yahooooooo!


  1. so nice...
    i also love wedding ceremonies...
    when i was younger i usually visit our parish church every noon to watch weddings...hehehehe

    i hope there are more pictures of weddings here..

    God bless planner...:)

  2. Baptists are Christians, Catholics are Christians,... John the Baptist, who practiced emersion Baptism and so is called the denomination, was Christ's cousin.

  3. My late husband was baptist, I am catholic, but to this day I still don't know who founded the Baptist Church, Any help?