Sunday, February 17, 2008

At the Wedding Expo!

Two minutes into the wedding expo I started hyperventilating. I thought I already got over those sudden panic attacks after doing a couple of my friends' weddings. But no-oh, I just had to hyperventilate at the "Weddings & Debuts 2008" at the Megatrade Hall yesterday. Good thing Sweetie was with me and there was a huge electric fan which kinda revived me. Sweetie ended up collecting the flyers and talking with the suppliers. Hehehe.

So why attend wedding exhibits?

Get to check out really nice gowns!

1. Meet suppliers - I've gone to a number of exhibits already and normally suppliers vary from one fair to another.

2. Get ideas - it's nice to attend expos especially when you're just starting to plan your wedding. A lot of people really don't have experience in organizing events and planning a wedding IS a daunting task. You can do research online, read maganizes (best one I've read so far is "Wedding Essentials") and then go to these fairs to get more ideas.

3. Compare costs - sometimes it's tempting to just go with whoever's there, but with careful planning and time, you can always cut on costs. Don't go for the first supplier that fits your budget since there are many considerations to do. Check out testimonials and feedback about the companies you'll be working with (I'll probably make a post about bride-supplier horror stories soon).

4. Check out new trends - there are always new things introduced in these fairs. A percentage of suppliers who participate in wedding exhibits are new and normally have new products/services to offer. I saw a couple of interesting stuff yesterday and I'll post about that too soon.

5. Bonding time with the fiance - A couple of my married friends complained that guys are usually not participative in doing wedding stuff. Well girl, give the guy a break, planning your wedding is a huge task, keep your cool and do things one step at a time. The Wedding Essential magazine has a great planning booklet you can follow. Attend a wedding fair, look around and just enjoy each other's company. Wedding singers also perform during this fair and it's a great way to hear them since they don't really have demo "tapes". We managed to say hi and hello with Richard Poon at the expo yesterday.

And to end this post, here's Richard Poon's carrier single, "I'll Take Care of You"

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  1. hi there! found you here through the blogger buzz. anyway, expect me to be visiting your blog often. i am getting married this year. i will definitely be looking forward to your posts here. God bless. :)