Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm in Shock! (A Valentine Revelation)

I'll tell you a little secret. In the past 5 years I've been using, I've changed the "name of the groom" in the My Kasal registry several times already. Huwhaaaatttt?!?!?

It's not what you are thinking! Here are the reasons why I've held my account active for more than 5 years now:

(1) The Resources - I've helped quite a number of my friends organize their weddings and since some of them are not tech savvy I usually end up doing the missalette side-by-side with them and it's less hassle to actually register them as a couple.

(2) The Newsletter - gives me updates on events and stuff (but I think the service is currently not available - if you enjoy reading my musings, subscribe to my blog by email).

(3) Because I want to get married too.

Okay, so the real secret is I would change the "name of the groom" to my latest crush. It took me four years to find another boyfriend you see and everytime I opened my account to help a friend I'd change the name.

So a year ago I kinda had this huge crush on my best friend and I replaced the groom's name to his name (SFX: "Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying, planning and dreaming each night of his charms..." ).

After finishing my friend's missalette I didn't log-in anymore to my account, until today.

And got the SHOCK of my life.

I logged-in because I wanted to update my account since my best friend became my boyfriend about 5 months ago and I was kinda panicking about the account this morning because I thought someone else was registered as the groom.

Sweetie actually answered wrong when I asked him to guess who the registered groom was.

It was him. And the random wedding date I placed a year ago is our anniversary date (but dated for 2009).

Strange huh.


Believe it or not.

I am still in shock.

P.S. But good news, the groom's name is not going to change anymore =)

Happy Valentine's everyone!


  1. uy ang galeng! serendipity? hmm.. astig. :)

    PS. I followed you po pala on twitter. medyo sikat po kayo sa blogosphere eh. :P

  2. woohoo wtg aileen :) didn't know you organized weddings too. i just wrote scripts and did the hosting bit. haha maybe i should blog about that too some time.


  3. WOW!!! Ang galeng!

    Hmmm....maybe I should register too...

  4. Hmmm...are you getting married na rin? :)

  5. i like that!
    its quite inspiring..
    hope i can also have my bf's name...