Friday, July 27, 2007

Top T.O.E.s (Terms of Endearment)

Who doesn't want to be called a special name by one's beau? I have not encountered a couple who doesn't have nicknames for each other. Here are some of the terms of endearment I've heard used:

1. Honey - oh such a sweet, syrupy nickname for a loved one. Derivatives of this TOE include, "Hon", "Ney", "Honeypie"

2. Baby - everyone wants to be babied. Calling one's SO "baby" connotes TLC. TOE derivative: "Babe"

3. Sweetheart - ahh the most classic term of endearment. I remember finding a "chattering" heart my Dad once gave to my Mom, the box had "For my sweetheart" lettered in front of it. TOE derivatives: "Sweet", "Swit", "Sweetie Pie", "Sweetie", "Heart", "Tart".

4. Darling - another classic term. One that I can't imagine myself being called (my hair's now standing on end)! But, still commonly used. TOE derivatives: "Dahleng", "Ling".

5. Dear - "Coffee na lang dear," remember that TV commercial?

6. Cutie-Pie - I don't hear this commonly used, but it is still used as a TOE.

7. Boo - I read from the Urban Dictionary that the term is derived from the French word "beau" meaning beautiful. The term has evolved to mean "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" slash "sweetie". Remember all those songs with "boo" in it? Now, I don't mind being called "Boo".

8. Love - I've caught some friends calling their beaus "love". It is not commonly used in public though and normally used in private. TOE derivative: "lovey", "lab", "labidubs", "labidubdubs"

9. Mom/Dad/Mama/Papa - this term is normally used either by married couples or couples that have been together for a long time already. TOE derivative: "Mommy", "Daddy", "Mami", "Dadi".

And the ultimate Pinoy TOE:

10. Mahal/Pangga - the ultimate kilig TOE. I think I'm going to hyperventilate if someone uses this on me. It is my personal opinion that this is THE Ultimate TOE because it is very Pinoy and I believe when someone tells you "Mahal kita" it really comes from the heart. Why? Because you are Filipino! If you are, you'd understand what I'm trying to say.

Check this out for more TOEs. And for those with Fil-Am or non-Filipino speaking SOs, have them read An Apple a Day's post on Pinoy Ako and Some Important Pinoy Terms.

So, head over to the poll at the right side and vote for your TOE!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wedding on a Budget

"No budget yet," is what I always hear from long-time couples when asked why they haven't married yet. But should weddings be really extravagant? Should you really spend more than PhP100,000 just for a wedding gown? Or another PhP100,000 just for that engagement ring? Or have the reception at a hotel?

Nah, I don't think so. I have done a shoestring budget wedding and a very extravagant PhP1.6M wedding. Guess which one was more meaningful?

The shoestring budget wedding I did was for one of my colleagues/staff/friend. She had been together with her boyfriend for 9 years already and though they both knew that they were meant for each other, they just didn't have money to spend for a wedding. When our company gave a windfall CBA bonus, we got things going and started planning the wedding. And less than 2 months after getting the bonus (that was around late June), the two lovebirds tied the knot on August 20. (And no, she was not on the family way).

Maybe I should have named this post, "Express Weddings" as well. LOL.

So, this is how I did it (with costs):

Wedded bliss for Rolly and Ruth.

Church - Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish (Paranaque), PhP3,000 (discounted from PhP5K)

Wedding Gown - Divisoria, PhP5K including all the accessories plus the groom's barong and pants; mind you, her gown didn't look off the rack, everyone thought I had it done

- Max's Fried Chicken Restaurant with 100 guests, between PhP30-35K

- the bride got this and it cost them about PhP12K

- paper, envelops and stuff cost around PhP500; lay-out was done by our colleague from the graphics department

and Wedding Cake - included in Max's package

Wedding Rings - I think they got it in Ilocos, cost around PhP10K

Maid of Honor & other abay gowns - Divi, PhP750 each

Flowers - about PhP4K, Dangwa

Wedding Planner - no cost at all (that's why I only do this for friends) :)

The budget wedding team.

All in all, the wedding just cost around PhP70K. Who'd have thought they'd be able to invite a hundred people to attend it? We were all giddy after the wedding coz we knew we pulled it off. A lot of people though they spent PhP200K on it.

Oh, and take note, after their "wedding dance" they had PhP13K pinned all over them. They used it for their honeymoon and to buy stuff for their pad.

Ako pa, I'm an expert at budgeting. :)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Internet Tools for Engaged Couples

The twisted wedding planner is back from her Cebu and Davao trips! So sorry! I have been swamped with work and I was quite shocked with the traffic I've been getting from! And speaking of the internet and weddings (bad segueway I know, heh), here are some tips for engaged couples on how you can utilize the internet to make planning your wedding easier.

I know, I am definitely addicted to blogging, but hey, it's my job to spread the word and here's my top 5 internet tools for you:

1. Gmail - we cannot always be with sweetie the whole day can we? And we do see stuff that we want to share with him/her. Send that link of the fab gown you saw online, or perhaps a photo of that brilliant diamond solitaire would give the hint that you do want an engagement ring? Or maybe just send over a one-liner love note over email. That'll make your sweetie's day I'm sure. And, of course, use Google Calendar for all those appointments you'll be having.

2. Gtalk - I'm doing 2 weddings now wherein the spouses-to-be are apart! They're like 5 hours apart by plane! And being the harassed wedding coordinator/friend, the only way we could scrimp on phone bills is through IM or calling each other through Gtalk! Did you know you can actually leave a voicemail on Gtalk for your sweetie? Imagine how kilig I was when I got a voicemail from, ahem, a friend from the US. Download the console today!

3. Google Docs & Spreadsheets - I know how crazy the guest list gets as THE day draws near. How do you actually merge your lists? Google has answered our prayers through the Google Docs & Spreadsheets! Just open up your Gmail account and click on the "documents" link found on the upper left corner. You can also import or just copy/paste from your current excel file. Now you and sweetie can access and edit the document easily! And you can share this document as well with your wedding planner.

4. Google Notebook - this is my all-time favorite! I do a lot of searches in a day and it's just next to impossible to keep track of all the websites I visit! Looking for that perfect honeymoon spot? Clip the links in your Google Notebook and you can easily leave little notes on it as well. And you can create several notebooks which basically allows you to segregate honeymoon spots from gowns, flowers and all those wedding stuff that's buzzing in your mind.

5. Blogger - a must for all you engaged people! Blogging will be your online wedding journal which you could share to your family and friends. Capture everything online, from preparations like choosing that caterer, the church, the reception venue. And don't forget those photos? Think it's hard? Nah, it's so easy! Just watch this video which shows you the basics of blogging. Don't forget to use Picasa to upload your photos and Youtube for videos! Oh, and check out my friend's blog which has captured all their wedding preparations.

And the ultimate internet tool you could use?

Google Apps for Your Domain
- this allows you to give out email addresses using the Gmail platform with your own domain (i.e., put up your own website using Google Page Creator and a lot of other things that allows you to communicate, collaborate and organize stuff easily. Just get your own domain name and sign-up, you'll be ready in just a few minutes. Check out this video to find out more!

Whew! That seems like a mouthful, but I assure you, when you got it in your system it's going to be like second-nature. Get going sweeties, there's so much preparations you have to do.