Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Wedding Bubus

It's been 7 months since Sweetie and I tied the knot. To a lot of people my wedding seemed perfect, but there were actually quite a number of bubus that we just laughed off during the day. I'm sure you'll find it funny.

1. Bridal Car. My bridal car did not show up. Go here to know what happened.

2. Leche Flan. Even though we were both hungry we ended up just eating leche flan.

3. Missalette. Sweetie could barely read the vow because the print in his copy of the missalette wasn't printed well. He sounded like he wanted to back out. LOL.

4. Offertory Assignments. Don't ever forget to tell those involved in the offertory procession about their roles. We only managed to let half of them know and forgot to inform our parents about their roles.

5. The Missing Table. We managed to assign everyone to a table and completely forgot to print out the table assignments for our godparents! Eeeeek!

6. The Blue Bridal Shoe. I had two pairs of bridal shoes. One was blue because my designer said that it was the trend to have bridal shoes in the color of your entourage motif. I had already broken in the blue pair and then he told me to wear the other pair. I ended up walking barefoot at the end of the reception because I wasn't able to break in the pair I used.

7. The Flying Cannon Bouquet. Oh-ho! One thing I learned. Do not throw your wedding bouquet with too much force! My throw almost broke the ceiling. LOL!

8. Bridal One. We let go of the service car that brought me to church and brought us to the reception venue because we didn't have enough money on us. At the end of the reception we had no idea how to get back to the hotel. Good thing our dear friend Juned offered to take us to the hotel. His van was then baptized as, "Bridal One".

9. The Wedding Rings. The photographer borrowed our rings from the best man when we were preparing to leave for church. As I was leaving the hotel, I received a panicked call from Sweetie. The rings were not returned to him! Good thing our friend, Hana, offered to check the room and found it on the desk.

10. The Pesky Price Tag. We were kneeling down already when Sweetie noticed from the TV monitor that there was a white square thingy on the sole of his shoe. He moved his foot and realized that he forgot to remove the price tag of his shoe! My brother-in-law was laughing his head off because it happened to him too.

And the biggest bubu of all...

11. The Forgotten Wedding Gown. I got so stressed out the day before the wedding. I was brought to the hotel by our trusty driver and only realized halfway to the hotel that I forgot to bring my wedding gown! 

It's been seven months since our wedding and all these things are just really funny to us now (especially #9 adn #10). As OC as I am, there are things that will still fall through the crack. I'm glad that we just focused on enjoying our day and let these little mishaps go.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Blog by Wedding Essentials Magazine

A few weeks ago I managed to attend the launch of Wedding Essential editor-in-chief Marbee Shing-Go and Cynthia Bauzon-Arre's blog, We Heart Weddings.

I got a chance to chat with Marbee and she said that blogging is really new for them but they thought it would be great to share more wedding stuff that they see and aren't able to include in the Wedding Essentials magazine. I was quite funny though when I met her since I am a fan of the Wedding Essentials magazine. I just had to relay to her what happened to my collection when typhoon Ondoy flooded my basement. I also told her that I wish they'd do another feature about different telas and she said that it's upcoming! Yay!

Welcome to the blogosphere Marbee and Cynthia!