Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dear Bride, Smile :D

OMG! I had gotten so busy I have not updated the Twisted Wedding Planner in almost 2 months!


I've actually been to two weddings and the biggest wedding expo at the PICC Forum and add Cebu and Jakarta to that. So enough about explaining my absence.

There's one thing that I noticed among brides - some of them DON'T SMILE! And methinks that's really bad and I noticed that this happens whenever the bride handles all of the wedding preparations. It happens you-know especially when the hubby-to-be works abroad.

And I think that's the value of getting a wedding coordinator or getting your friends more involved in planning your wedding. Brides get all stressed whenever they take care of everything for the wedding. I can just imagine the worry and anxiety that something bad might happen during the ceremony and reception. And I thought the best solution for that is getting someone to help you (if the groom isn't around or not much into the preparations).

So dear bride, don't forget to smile on your wedding day!

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