Friday, January 11, 2008

Beach Weddings

Admit it, the thought of a beach wedding crossed your mind too. You've imagined yourself all garbed-up in a white flowing gown, hair adorned with flowers, the wind gently fanning you while saying I do while the sun is setting. Your silhouette forever etched against the sunset in a photo for your wedding album. A very romantic set-up indeed.

I remember a colleague who had her wedding at a resort in Bali. The advantage, of course, was having very few guests, but she had to coordinate as well all the airline and hotel bookings and transfers of her guests. I could just imagine what a nightmare it must have been to make all arrangements. After the wedding she said that there were a lot of hitches and loopholes, but she said she just let her OC-side go, did not make a fuss and just had fun.

Last weekend, I chanced upon a wedding reception while walking along Boracay's famous seashore and this is how it looked -

The video does not do any justice to the beauty of the set-up. The newlyweds were placed under a special tent (and they looked really gorgeous). Guests were coming back and forth the buffet table which was filled with fresh seafood. The atmosphere was also very festive and romantic at the same time. I'm sure they partied until late that night.

After taking a short video of the set-up I walked on, but kept looking back at the festivities since it looked so charming and exciting. I think I am too OC though to have it at the beach.

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