Monday, December 20, 2010

Your Wedding Reception

Fun. Should be one of the overriding themes of your wedding. A percentage of your guests would leave after getting their fill of your buffet, but most would stick around if you entertain them properly.

Three factors contribute to a memorable wedding reception:

(1) The Food

I've seen some wedding guests blog about awful reception food. I've seen brides cry over this so Sweetie and I did a lot of research (a.k.a. food tasting) before we hired the right caterer. Our guests raved about the food and have since hired our caterer again and again (our caterer was Ignacio's Catering). It's also good to hire a medium sized caterer instead of a big, commercial one. Why? Because you get to talk directly to the owner and he'll give you lots of tips as well.

(2) The Program

Nowadays you can choose to either have the traditional ceremonies (cake cutting/wine/doves) before the meal, that way everybody witnesses it. Most weddings I've attended also require guests to have their photo taken with the newlyweds before they proceed to the buffet table. Make sure you have a script that your coordinator and emcee can follow so they wouldn't have to bother you during the reception. A sample program/script can be found at this post.

(3) The Emcee/s

Some weddings I've attended provided great food but had inexperienced emcees. My tip is to hire an emcee and not leave the hosting job to just anyone. We were lucky to get professional artists for our wedding (Gabe Mercado and Mhel Garrido aka Bill Kosme) and our guests continue to rave about them to this day. You may also hire professional wedding emcees (you'll find them at wedding fairs) or get one of your relatives/friends who are experienced. One tip though, don't let the emcee sing unless he's a really good singer.


  1. Interesting read about wedding reception,One of the most important wedding reception planning decisions an engaged couple must make is where to have the wedding reception.The location of the wedding reception sets the mood for the entire event.

  2. hi, nice article. i hope you dont mind, how much should i budget if i want "artistahing" hosts like yours? :) range at least. super thanks. i wonder if u have a video sample of the hosting performance during ur reception. and btw, do u know the host personally? coz baka if i ask the same personalities, they'll only do it sa mga kakilala nila. super thanks! :)

  3. @Anonymous I honestly have no idea how you'll have to pay if you hire celebrity hosts. Gabe and Mhel are our friends so they just did it for free.