Thursday, December 30, 2010

Have Fun on Your Wedding Day

I've seen brides get so stressed over their wedding and it showed in their photos.

JUST HAVE FUN! You don't need to be stiff and serious. Have fun! Laugh! And most importantly, be yourself. Just ignore whatever bubus or hitches that may happen, nobody will really notice. In my wedding, the bridal car did not show up... so I took a cab. We had no ride back to the hotel, so we baptized my friend's delivery van as bridal one. My feet really hurt because I wore 3-inched heels, I walked barefoot during the reception. We winged it and we had a great time and that showed in the photos and video.

I was in Tagaytay recently and caught a bride and her entourage having a fun photoshoot. I hope though they didn't walk down the aisle in those cute knee high socks!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your blog,Wedding plays a very important role in one's life.Wedding is an event that is symbolized by true love between two people.