Friday, December 24, 2010

Customized Wedding Table Decor

I got the idea of making a customized table decor slash entourage background leaflet when I attended a friend's wedding back in 2005 (yup that long ago). I didn't get a stylist or add any other stuff for our table since: (1) I wanted my guests to talk to each other and see each other (so none of those tall table centerpieces); and (2) I wanted my guests to focus on eating and watching what we had prepared for them. I wanted though to let everybody know about who were part of our entourage and why we chose them to be part of it. So here's what I did -

Inside are descriptions of each person in our entourage which include: (1) how they are related to us; and (2) a short memorable anecdote about them (i.e. My tito taught me how to ride a bike.). I specifically invited close family and friends and no business contacts, so I wanted to communicate to everyone that was there that they were each close to my heart.

I didn't want to leave the back side of the table piece empty so I thought I'd summarize our 800 clicks (800 days of our relationship). It tied up nicely with our pre-nup wedding video.

It's easy to make. Here's what you need:

colored board
laid paper (for printing)
1/4" ribbons
illustration board
double sided tape
photo paper

1. print the content on the laid paper (half-bond); print the love story summary on photo paper
2. cut the colored board in two and on one half install the pieces of laid paper by using a ribbon
3. stick the photo paper on the other half of the colored board with thin double sided tape
4. merge the two colored board with thin double sided tape
5. make sturdy by placing illustration board as the bottom

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