Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kilig Engagement Stories from

Jay and I got featured last weekend at Rated K. We unfortunately didn't get to watch it since we were at the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards. Everyone though we bumped into said that they watched it. I know I have embarrassed my husband enough (since he didn't really want to do it), but I insisted on doing the feature because I wanted to inspire people and show that love and romance is still "in". (You can watch the Rated K clip here.)

After our wedding got featured here at (which is BTW where the researchers of Rated K found out about us), the team invited me to be one of the judges for their "The Proposal Story Contest". I immediately said yes because I knew I was in for a lot of kilig stories.

Here's links to the stories submitted to -

Ann & Bry -
Katherine & Lito -
Adonis & Karen Sue -
Limuel & Ianna -
Jet & Jen -
Chris & Tintin -
Charles & Lara -
Joey & Jennifer -
Kate & Arnold -!/notes/kasalcom/kate-arnolds-proposal-story/138403612879996


  1. hahaha so cooooool! haha now i know who to ask if my proposal would be in the epic cheeziness level.. haha. :)

  2. @Pogz Jay has a long list of friends who have asked for his advise lolz!

  3. i liked Chris & Tintin's Story! Pati yung title! ahahaha -