Sunday, May 13, 2007

Setting the Date of the Wedding

Aaaargghh! I've been so busy being a lakwatsera I've basically been a MIA wedding planner!

But, lo and behold! I have been busy talking with two friends who are about to get married. They've requested me to be their wedding planner (I hope they know what they're doing! But thanks for the vote of confidence my dear friends!). It would be quite a challenge since their fiances are both abroad (one in New Zealand, the other in Malaysia). Things are a bit crazy coz:

Couple A - Groom is in Manila, Bride is in New Zealand
Couple B - Groom is in Malaysia, Bride is in Iloilo

And how complicated could it get?

Anyways, that's beside the point. Couple A is kinda confused at the moment when to set the wedding date. Couple B originally planned it for this month, but had to push it back because the groom got a job in Malaysia.

So when should you set your wedding? Well, based on the weddings I've been through, these are the things couples usually consider when setting the date of the wedding:

1. Anniversary - pfffft (rolling eyes), but it's true, a lot of couples set their wedding date based on their "anniversary date". My parents didn't. I only found out about the day my Mom agreed to be my Dad's girlfriend when I unearthed one of their love letters.

2. Budget - when the projected budget is already available. Of course, couples have to save up for the wedding, it's quite rare now that a guy already has a wedding nest egg on hand before he proposes. Only happens in the movies I guess. But this is a major decision point.

3. Availability of Relatives - if you're Filipino, I'm sure you've got relatives who are going to come home just to attend your wedding. Why do you think statistics show that most of the weddings are during the Christmas season and not June?

4. Vacation Leave - what's a wedding without the honeymoon? You're going to have to spend a lot of time off from work to prepare your wedding coz you have to attend seminars, choose a caterer and go shopping for stuff.

5. Readiness - notwithstanding that couples should be ready before they think about tying the know, but ya know it doesn't hurt to think about the reasons why you are marrying the person and whether you are really ready or not. As Peter Parker's aunt said, "You must be ready to put her before yourself. Are you ready to do that Peter?"

There are many reasons you have to consider when setting the date of your wedding. You can do this by yourselves or you can involve your family, but I think the most important thing is being prepared and knowing what you are getting yourself into.

*Photo - that's my best friend on her wedding day.

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