Friday, September 10, 2010

Personalize Your Wedding: Table Standees

One thing we wanted to do for our wedding was to make our guests experience "us". Most of our guests didn't really know about our love story. Most only knew half of the couple (either him or me). Most of them saw us sparingly throughout our relationship. And some never even met my groom before the wedding!

Table Standees

The table standees served two purposes:

One, to introduce and let our guests know more about our principal and secondary sponsors, and entourage. This comprised of several pages describing our wedding party.

Second, to give a preview of the timeline of our love story. Since our work involves the internet we decided to use "Clicks" instead of days (click on the second photo to see the text of our love story timeline). Our 800th click (day) was our wedding day.

I just made the standees myself with the following materials:

scented board
linen paper (for the entourage description)
photo paper (for the love story timeline)
illustration board
double sided tape
scotch tape (to keep the ribbon from unraveling)
computer printer (I just printed everything at home)

It was a good thing I made myself some extra standees because our guests liked it so much they brought it home!

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