Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Custom Made Wedding Gowns

I cut down costs for my wedding and entourage gowns (and barongs) by more than 50% by having them custom made. I originally planned to spend 20% of our wedding budget on my wedding gown alone, but I couldn't seem to convince myself to to spend so much for a dress. I then decided to get the services of a designer and chose to have a simple wedding gown made.

It was my niece who designed all the entourage gowns. She's based in Jakarta and has been designing gowns as a hobby (she's an awesome artist too) and eagerly sent me some sketches via email. We just told her that our motif was blue and gold and that it was an early morning wedding.

Here's one of the sketches she made:

And the finished product:

Comparison of costs:
Designers/RTW Gowns: PhP2,500-3,000 per dress/gown
Custom Made (Patahi): PhP750-PhP1,200 per dress/gown

Divisoria dress shops do not design gowns. You can either bring a sketch, choose from their catalogue (magazines) or bring a print-out of any design you find online.

Are you looking for a wedding gown/entourage gown designer? Inquire here.


  1. hi there,
    can you send me please some sample of your wedding gown.

  2. Hi there! Where in Divisoria have you had your entourage gowns made? I'll be having my wedding next year and I saw your niece's designs...wow! She is very talented...wish she's my niece too. LOL. Congratulations on your wedding! By the way how long did they finished the entire process of making the gowns from fitting and all? Appreciate your thoughts and help. Regards!

  3. @jenroy2003 Julao Wedding Gowns, info at http://twistedweddingplanner.blogspot.com/2009/05/braving-divisoria-for-wedding-garments.html. We started measurements in August which took awhile to complete because most of my entourage were out of the country. So it took about 5 months.

  4. Hi Aileen...first of all, super thanks for the info's I'm actually cramming right now. I am residing here abroad (Houston, TX), and am only allowed to return two weeks before my wedding. Some of the members of the entourage are also coming home from the States. I am only going to have female entourage gowns and ring and coin bearers' baroongs made. So with that can they make them rushed? does that cost more? Thanks again. Pls. pray for me. Whew! :0(

  5. Aileen, saw your wedding featured at Rated K! Super love it. Congrats!