Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Love Story Video

Finally after some trimming our dear friend-videographer Buddy Gancenia has uploaded our pre-nup video. The script, the planning and the shoot was done in just one day. I did the script an hour before Buddy and Jay showed up at home. The script revolved around our theme, "We Clicked" since both Jay and I are online junkies (he's a web consultant/developer and I work for a search engine). Some friends also suggested to use "500 Days of Summer" as inspiration for the love story AVP. I didn't watch the movie, but after watching the trailer on Youtube several times I got the gist.

So I traced back our "clicks" (days) from the first day we met and was surprised to find out that our wedding day would fall on our 800th click (the 800th day since we met). Anyway, here's the video of the clicks that happened before the wedding.


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  1. ay grabe napaiyak ako ... weddings make me cry talaga