Friday, January 15, 2010

Homemade MTV

I would say that the best way to entertain your guests during your reception is by showing some videos. It may be a prepared pre-nup AVP (a summary of your love story) or some photos of videos of what transpired during your relationship. Sweetie and I made a pre-nup AVP together with our videographer (Buddy Gancenia), but we're still waiting for him to upload it on Youtube (he said he is still trimming it a bit). It was a gift from him and I just whipped up the script a couple of hours before he came to shoot our video.

We still keep in touch with our pre-cana classmates via email and one couple, Sherwin and Olive, shared an endearing homemade MTV. Here's their awesome video -


  1. hi aileen! thanks so much for sharing our video. glad people liked it. we're excited to view yours too... =)

    nakaka-miss ang wedding preps...hehehe...

  2. @Olive I think I watched your vid thrice already! Nakakatuwa kasi plus kitang kita kakulitan ni Sherwin hahaha. I'm sure a lot of couples would follow suit with their own homemade vid. Our pre-nup video is finally up! I'll post about it later. Nakaka-miss rin ang wedding preps but so far ngayon super busy kami sa new home and learning how to cook hahaha. We have a new blog too - Thanks for sharing Olive!