Sunday, April 12, 2009

Choosing Your Ceremony and Reception Venue

I tell you it's much easier to set-up an event for 400 developers than making arrangements for your own wedding. I have been to countless churches, reception venues and websites in the past two weeks. And that's just for the ceremony and reception venue. I have not even started to check all the other details that would complete the wedding. 

I realized though that it's important to set your goals from the beginning. Ask yourself, do you want a huge wedding or a cozy, intimate one? Is there a particular city you'd want to focus in? Any considerations you have to make for your family (i.e. no steep stairs, must have aircon etc.). Budget constraints? Theme? Motif? 

I've also been to multiple number of sites to check out churches and venues and to make things easier I created a Google Docs Spreadsheet to list down pertinent facts which would make it easier to review when we finally decide to sit down and choose

Here's what I did:

Church Comparative Chart
1. Address
2. Telephone
3. Contact Person
4. Packages: How much and Amenities include (candles, floral arrangement, choir, registration etc.)
5. Requirements

Reception Comparative Chart
1. Contact Details: Address, Telephone, Web Address, Email, Contact Person
2. Type of Venue: garden, hotel, restaurant, hall
3. Venue Capacity
4. Packages: note the amenities included, number of hours, caterer corkage, music etc.
5. Parking

Caterer Comparative Chart
1. Contact Details: Address, Telephone, Web Address, Email, Contact Person
2. Packages
3. Amenities included
4. Additional charges: service charge, VAT

These are just basic questions you should ask your suppliers. I'm sure I'll be adding stuff as I go along. And will share more specific info about venues/churches/caterers I've already interviewed.  

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  1. I arranged my own wedding because I found out professional wedding planners do add some percertage for the supplies. And yes, you are right, you need to know first what type of wedding you want and set other goals even before checking churches, hotels and suppliers. From my own experience, also one of the first things to consider, is the budget - how much the couple is willing to spend. Oftentimes, couple overspend and end up with debts. I have to admit, even with careful planning, we still exceeded our budget.

    Checking different churches, suppliers is exhausting. Even just making a telephone inquiry is time consuming. Best is to know your goals, narrow down choices and ask recommendations from friends or to attend bridal fair where you can meet many suppliers in one place. As for the church and venue, the main challenge is their availability on your chosen date.

    I'm sure you'll be fine. With many weddings you've planned/attended, you'll be in a lot better situation than other brides who are really clueless where to start the planning. Good Luck and congratulations in advance!