Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Lady of Pentecost Church, Quezon City

It was my first time to visit Our Lady of the Pentecost Church when I attended a friend's wedding. The church looked quite new and different from all the other churches I've been too. It was different because it was long horizontally and there was a second floor (and a third floor!). I liked the  light and airy feel of the church. And even though it was raining that day, the inside of the church wasn't gloomy at all. 

Our Lady of Pentecost Church
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Parish Office Telephone: +(632) 929-0665 / 434-2397


  1. is the church airconditioned?

  2. is the church air-conditioned?

  3. Nope. Our church is not air-conditioned. It is naturally cool because of its high ceiling. What makes it a beautiful place for prayer and worship is the uncluttered atmosphere. Ours is a modern church. Come and visit us some time. :)

  4. What does your church believe in? What sets of beliefs and practices do you have? How do you go on with the mass? What is the procedure?

    Thank you! It would really help me to know.

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