Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Invitation

My friends and I have been shocked with the exorbitant prices of wedding invitations. It can go anywhere from 40 pesos to 200 pesos per set! And there are additional fees whenever you add anything to the set, i.e. maps, bridal registry info, calligraphy, RSVP info etc. 

When I did a tight-budget wedding for a friend we resorted to doing her invitations.

The materials:

Board paper
Certificate paper

*We got all the materials at National Bookstore

The equipment:

Cutting board

Sheet 1 Suggested Text:

Groom's Name & Bride's Name
with the blessings of our Parents.
Mr. & Mrs. Groom's Parents' name
Mr. & Mrs. Bride's Parents' name

Request the honor of your presence
as we exchange marriage vows on
at Time
Name of Church
Churches' city

Reception to follow at
Name of resto/hotel
Resto/Hotel's city


Sheet 2 Text

Bridal Entourage

Principal Sponsors (list)
Best Man - Maid of Honor
Jr. Groomsmen - Jr. Bridesmaids
Groomsmen - Bridesmaids

Secondary Sponsors (list)
Candle - Cord
Ring Bearer - Flower Girls
Bible Bearer - Coin Bearer


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  2. Hi!

    I just want to share my opinion regarding prices of wedding invitations.

    Of course you may find DIY invites really cheaper, it's because your effort (and other helpers' effort) is priceless. you don't count the gas for your car every time you go out to scout for that cheap material during hot or rainy days in Divisoria (or maybe just jeepney/taxi fees); the toner or ink that you use for printing; the paper wasted every time you didn't do it right; the electricity that you use for your printer, pc, and internet browsing. You can't buy a thermography machine, because you may not have any more money to pay for your reception afterwards; and what's more--- endure all the wants and editing changes of a fickle-minded bridezilla who keeps forgetting her down payment (who would later ask for a discount). So save yourself from the shock, just go for SMS (text messages). You also save the environment and your fiance's pocket. Be kind to those who create your dream wedding invitations and pay what is due.