Saturday, February 22, 2020

Beautiful Lego Bouquet

I will call this the forever bouquet!

A friend of mine just got married. She wanted a bouquet that would last forever. Her best friend came up with the idea of creating a bouquet made of Lego since they both loved Lego.

I interviewed her best friend, Analyn, after the wedding dinner and asked how she made it. It took her almost a week (and sleepless nights) to finish the bouquet. I was surprised when she told me that she traveled from Manila to Singapore with the bouquet. She said she packed it really well.

This is the most unique bouquet I've seen in my entire life! Amazing work of art Analyn :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Mabuhay ang Bagong Kasal: Moira and Jason!

A few months back we had the opportunity to watch Moira and Kyla's concert in Singapore. It was a night to remember because for awhile we felt like we were just back home in Manila. We were treated to many beautiful OPM songs.

The show had a segment where Moira introduced her fiance, Jason Marvin Hernandez, and she walked us through her songs which essentially reflects how their love came to be. We saw from the news yesterday that their most awaited day finally came. A beautiful garden wedding for a match made in heaven.

Congratulations and best wishes Moira and Jason!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Planning Your Wedding with Family and Friends

Weddings nowadays have gotten exponentially expensive. When I was growing up there was no such thing as wedding coordinators. Whenever there was a wedding in the family it meant mobilizing everybody to get it organized. With limited budget we decided to do everything on our own with help from family and friends.

Where does one start? You need to define first what are the things that are important to you. Do you want a nice venue? Good food? Amazing wedding singers? Big church? Small church? Number of guests? For Sweetie and me we identified three priorities: (1) Wedding venue that would prevent me from having an asthma attack; (2) Good food; and (3) Musicians who can provide great OPM music. These were the non-negotiables for us so we set our wedding budget based on this (you can make a copy of the budget planner).

Homemade table decor.

Sweetie and I took care of finding the suppliers and had help from friends. And here's where they helped:

Entourage Gown Design - made by my niece Patricia
Giveaways - made by my high school friends
Choir - friends I grew up with
Priest - from our parish, I have known him since I was in high school and he was still a deacon back then
Photography - got huge discount because they are friends
Videography - a friend did the coverage, sponsored by one of our ninangs
Invitations - got huge discount from Sweetie's friend
On the day coordination - c/o a great friend from work
Missalette - made by a friend
Table decor - made by me
Message board - painted by my uncle

We also got a lot of help for legwork from family and friends. I was very busy traveling around the country during that time, but made sure to make time to plan and organize the wedding. The list kept me sane (you can start with the doc I linked above). Nowadays there are also a lot of ready to use items you can just buy off the shelf and remember, in the Philippines, there's always Divisoria!

We all want to have a beautiful wedding. It doesn't necessarily mean though that you should spend a lot for it (and you shouldn't!). For me a beautiful wedding is where you get your family and friends involved in the planning and organizing. This will allow you to also get to know each other better and make the integration less stressful. Involving your family and friends will also make them happy that they are engaged and helping you start your new life. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Tips for Brides: Just Before You Walk Down the Aisle

Walking down the aisle is probably one of the most emotional experiences a person would have because at the end of the ceremony your life would completely change. All eyes would be on you as you walk down the aisle towards your groom. Brides oftentimes become very nervous and a lot of thoughts would probably raise through your head as you take your first step. Relax! Do not worry! Here's a few tips as you take that life changing walk towards your groom.

1. Relax - you have done your best to prepare for the wedding. Everyone around you will make sure that your day goes well, so just relax and just enjoy the day.

2. Smile - I was about to become very emotional just before I walked down the aisle. I told myself though that I didn't want my make-up to be ruined and I wanted my photos to be beautiful. Just as you're about to do your walk, take a deep breath and smile! Let the groom do the crying (I did)!

3. Hold your bouquet properly - how to hold your bouquet properly depends on what kind of bouquet you choose, so best to ask your florist when you do your order and practice. You can also check with your photographer before you leave for the ceremony (I'm lucky they taught me how to hold my bouquet properly).

4. Walking Down the Aisle - chin up and shoulders back. No slouching! A lot of brides though get surprised on how heavy the gown is. It's not going to be a walk in the park as you have to be mindful about the gown's weight. The gown's material also oftentimes get caught on the carpet like velcro. If you see brides walking like they are marching it's because they have to kick the gown so they could move forward.

5. Let Your Maid of Honor Worry - I had three during my wedding and they fussed about me all day. They made sure I looked beautiful all day.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Buying Your Wedding Gown in Divisoria

It's 2017 and you can still just spend between PhP5,000 to 10,000 for your wedding and entourage gowns/attire. The Twisted Wedding Planner found time to visit Divisoria last January 3 to check what you can get for your wedding.

Here is a simple hand-drawn map of where I went around and what you can find around Divisoria.

Or better yet, refer to Google Maps.

I usually just walk around Tabora and Ylaya. In Tabora you can buy materials for your souvenir items, beads, crowns, lace etc. You will find the dress shops inside the building located between Tabora Street and Ylaya (they're in the middle of the building). Most of the shops have ready-to-wear gowns available. They only receive payment in cash.

At Morning Glory (Tabora Street) you can find materials for your souvenir items and for your wedding attire. There was an ongoing sale early this month and I got a lot of lace for my quilt projects.

Wedding Gowns in Divisoria

Divisoria offers a wide variety of gowns. You can select ready-to-wear gowns from their display, but you can also have one made for you. You can either select from available catalogues they have or you can bring your own design. Or you can have a design made by my niece, Patricia Apolo, who designed Martine  entourage gowns for my wedding.

Here are some photos from the different stalls in Tabora Street.

Gowns range from PhP1,000 and up (and even below when they have a sale). Groom barongs are also available and you can choose from different types of fabric.

Entourage Gowns in Divisoria

I found some entourage attire at Tabora that was on sale. You can get a simple dress for about PhP500. The price goes up based on the complexity of the design.

I went to Divisoria because I'm scheduled to be a godmother for two weddings this year and I remembered the many beautiful options available in Divisoria. I had a hard time choosing, but settled for a neutral color and a dress that would be easy to iron since there I will be traveling for the weddings. I also got hubby a new barong.

Make sure you ask for a discount when buying your items!

Wedding Attire at 168 Mall

168 Shopping Mall also has dedicated space for wedding attire. You can select from the many stores available in the mall. The gowns, barongs and suits are a bit more pricey than in Tabora, but you can enjoy hunting for your gown because the mall uses airconditioning.

Divisoria is a great place to find your wedding attire. I know they also have sections at Tutuban Mall dedicated for this but I didn't have the time to go there anymore. Tabora Street/Ylaya Street have a lot of options and I had a hard time choosing one for an upcoming wedding. 

Happy choosing and happy haggling!