Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wedding on a Budget

"No budget yet," is what I always hear from long-time couples when asked why they haven't married yet. But should weddings be really extravagant? Should you really spend more than PhP100,000 just for a wedding gown? Or another PhP100,000 just for that engagement ring? Or have the reception at a hotel?

Nah, I don't think so. I have done a shoestring budget wedding and a very extravagant PhP1.6M wedding. Guess which one was more meaningful?

The shoestring budget wedding I did was for one of my colleagues/staff/friend. She had been together with her boyfriend for 9 years already and though they both knew that they were meant for each other, they just didn't have money to spend for a wedding. When our company gave a windfall CBA bonus, we got things going and started planning the wedding. And less than 2 months after getting the bonus (that was around late June), the two lovebirds tied the knot on August 20. (And no, she was not on the family way).

Maybe I should have named this post, "Express Weddings" as well. LOL.

So, this is how I did it (with costs):

Wedded bliss for Rolly and Ruth.

Church - Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish (Paranaque), PhP3,000 (discounted from PhP5K)

Wedding Gown - Divisoria, PhP5K including all the accessories plus the groom's barong and pants; mind you, her gown didn't look off the rack, everyone thought I had it done

- Max's Fried Chicken Restaurant with 100 guests, between PhP30-35K

- the bride got this and it cost them about PhP12K

- paper, envelops and stuff cost around PhP500; lay-out was done by our colleague from the graphics department

and Wedding Cake - included in Max's package

Wedding Rings - I think they got it in Ilocos, cost around PhP10K

Maid of Honor & other abay gowns - Divi, PhP750 each

Flowers - about PhP4K, Dangwa

Wedding Planner - no cost at all (that's why I only do this for friends) :)

The budget wedding team.

All in all, the wedding just cost around PhP70K. Who'd have thought they'd be able to invite a hundred people to attend it? We were all giddy after the wedding coz we knew we pulled it off. A lot of people though they spent PhP200K on it.

Oh, and take note, after their "wedding dance" they had PhP13K pinned all over them. They used it for their honeymoon and to buy stuff for their pad.

Ako pa, I'm an expert at budgeting. :)


  1. aileen, 70K is really great. i'm having a hard time on my wedding budget, dont know which/where to squeeze. paramdam ka lola.

  2. You get a good deal for your money at Max's. Here is the menu for my 2005 wedding reception, complete with prices. I dont remember what deal we went with, but it cost me only about 30,000, if I recall correctly.

  3. @alvin I have a post about it at

  4. You're really good in budgeting. I am also getting tips online on how to survive in a shoestring budget for my sister's wedding. By the way, which stall in Divisoria have you managed to get the wedding gown?

    Thanks in advance - alvin adducul

  5. I totally agree. You can save so much money and still have it be meaningful. At the end of the day it's about love and family, not who spent what. A money saving tip, though, get a wedding planner. They can quote you a very realistic blanket budget ahead of time and make sure you agree and don't overstep it. We found a very smart lady on and she was so helpful.

  6. Hi Aileen! Sana you would consider na being a wedding planner as a career. I'm sure you'll make a good one, ang dami mong fab finds within budget. My fiance sent me your link when i was preparing the budget for my gown.

  7. @yme Awww thanks for the kind comment! I'm unfortunately tied up with work and wedding planning is just a hobby of mine. Thanks for visiting!

  8. Ang galing mo naman Ms. Aileen :)
    Professional wedding planner ka na. Sana mat friend din ako who can pull off a budget wedding like you did.

  9. YOu are great! This is very informative.Thank you for sharing Aileen!

  10. Hi Aileen, Ive been following your blog eversince i was not engaged, and my, i really adore you for being a big help to evry bride to be. Now Im currently engaged, with only a few months for the wedding day, I was inspired by your site to do a blogspot on my own. Just a beginner that why my blog is so simple. I just want to have a journal of the things me and my fiancee have already done. thank you so much and Im still updated on all your blogs here. :-)

  11. Hi, Thank you so much for sharing this information. Truly, you're the answer to my long long time questions. Indeed, this blog of yours is great! Now, I know where to find nice gowns for wedding occasions. Again thanks a lot!!!

  12. hello
    gusto ko lng po sanang mgtnung kung may kakilala kaung videographer and photographer for my wedding this month of may.thanks