Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Notes for the Bride and Groom

Here's an idea for a wedding reception decoration/wedding stuff. Get a note from wedding guests by providing a small notepad where they  can write short messages for you, and station a jar beside it so they can drop their note in it.

I had a wedding wishing well during my wedding and I have since put all the notes in a scrapbook. Here's a wedding jar from my ninong's wedding -

And the bride and groom can also leave inspirational messages for guests. Make sure though that the jar is big enough to put your hand in.


  1. Hi Aileen. I enjoy reading your blog. I hope you update it still even if you have been married. I also hope to get your feedback on some of your suppliers, ie, MPO, Ignacio, etc. God bless you and your family. BTW, I forwarded your website on weddings a few weeks ago to Weddings at Work e-group. Many wowies were saying they like your idea of table standees with your love story, your semi-DIY invites and your recent entry on the notes for the bride and groom. Salamat!

  2. Hi Aileen! Pinaparent mo ung wishing wheel mo? HOw much? mail me to Thanks!

  3. That is a very nice idea! Thank you for sharing!

  4. What an informative article. This is a preparation for me. Maybe in the near future.