Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting Measurements

One of the hardest tasks I had to do was getting measurements from my entourage. Most of them are based abroad and were expected to arrive just a few days before the wedding.

Here's a list of the measurements I had to get:

Shoulder - measure from tip to tip

Bust - place tape measure under the arms, take tape around the back and get measurement at fullest part of the bust.

Bust point - shoulder tip to middle of bust.

Bust distance - distance based on the two bust middles

Waist line - this is easy ;)

Figure - start at shoulder, have tape go over middle of bust and end at navel

Arm hole - have tape go around the armpit

Hips 1 - have tape go around about 3" below your waist

Hips 2 - have tape go around approximately 7" below your waist (middle of your behind)

Front deep - shoulder tip to waist line (just straight down)

Back deep - should tip to waist line from the back (just straight down)

Round under bust - have tape go around under the bust

Round under arm - have tape go around the arm (at the armpit area)

From shoulder to under bust - measure from shoulder tip to under the bust (go over middle of bust)

Full length - shoulder tip to heel

So these terms came from our mananahi.

Here's another guide you can use -

Also, here are some videos on how to take measurements -

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