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Your Ceremony Venue

This is usually where planning starts. Your ceremony venue. Oftentimes the ceremony venue is the first thing you would book. Here are some options:


This is where most Filipinos hold their marriage ceremony. Most of us default to having the ceremony in Church. We have so many Churches in the Philippines, but aside from choosing a Church that is important to both of you, one should also consider other factors:
(1) Accessibility. Remember you will have to process quite a number of requirements so you will definitely be going back every few weeks to the Church
(2) Ample parking space. Make it easy for your guests to park. Some churches don't have enough parking space.
(3) Lighting and acoustic/sound.
(4) Check out the church policies.
(5) Fees, of course.

Here's a sample comparative chart I did of churches.

Garden Weddings/Reception Venues

There are quite a number of reception venues that have gardens where you can hold your ceremony. Some reception venues also have chapels. You can also ask your caterer if they can set-up the ceremony area for your garden wedding.

Here's a list of reception venues in Metro Manila.

Beach/Destination Wedding

One of the hardest to coordinate, unless you have time, is to have a destination wedding. I remember a colleague who was so busy coordinating her Bali wedding I rarely saw her around. If this is something you really want, prepare to spend a lot of time to iron things out for your wedding.


Church: some Churches accept donations; smaller Churches charge about PhP3,000-5,000; medium-sized ones charge PhP10-15,000; larger ones and with aircon charge at least PhP25,000

Garden/Reception Venues: usually integrated in packages; some range from PhP50-70,000

Beach/Destination Wedding: depends on where you go


  1. I really enjoy reading interesting information in the url site is very very good, im ur agree with the post, bay street
    can we link x-change? tell me

  2. Wow! I love your site!!! Sana I saw this before while i was planning for my wedding last year. KUDOS TO YOU!!!

    I agree with what you said to check on reviews of the suppliers first before hiring them. Grabe dito talaga kami namublema ng sobra during the preparations and during the wedding itself. :( I hired kase a not-so-reliable wedding coordinator. To the fact na I'm way better than her kahit na she said na 9years experience na daw sila in the industry. Grabe, coordinator from hell talaga. As in almost lahat kami parin ng husband ko ang umasikaso since oo lang sila ng oo pero wala nangyayare sa mga task nila. Or if meron man, palpak! Nakakaawa mga magiging client nila. Super unreliable talaga. Lahat ng assigned task to her kailangan pa i-remind lagi... tapos lagi din palpak. :( If only I can warn everyone not to hire them. -- BELLS AND DOVES (- a one stop shop of everything by Engr. Anne Reign Tanjutco)

    Until now, I can't forgive them sa mga kapalpakan nila sa wedding namin. If only nag-background check muna ako or check ng reviews before hiring them - 4months prep lang kase and low budget.

    Sa sobrang palpak nila - they ended up na parang guests lang sa wedding namin. Since nag-take over na ang friends and relatives namin and even the other suppliers sa galit sa kanila!!!

    Sinisira nila ang image ng mga wedding coordinators. If only we have the money to sue them. =( Take this as a warning people.

  3. @Anonymous Ouch! We did everything ourselves since we felt that getting a coordinator is an expense that we can do away with since we have lots of friends and family who offered to help. I personally do not accept coordination services even though I get a lot of offers because I'm scared of disappointing couples.

  4. hi ms. aileen! :) i soo love your site coz it's very informative.. especially now, my bf and I are starting to prepare for wedding.. actually 2012 pa nman, kaso lng he'll be out of the country during the preparation kasi he's a seaman.. so by next year pguwi nya, kailangan mgstart na km mghanap-hanap ng mga suppliers.. actually we really don't know we're to start! we started looking out for the church and venue and we're planning to have it in Manila.. (so far San Agustin & Patio Victoria plng ung prospect nmin)..

    I would just like to ask if you have a post regarding the wedding checklist? from the church requirements down to the souvenirs? kasi I'd like to know ano-ano ba ung mga kailangan iprepare at ibudget for a wedding.. thanks in advance! :)

  5. Hi Ms. Anonymous, my post on budgeting is at

  6. I second the motion that BELLS & DOVES is always offering a poor service. They have been into wedding business & tent rentals for 10 years but we could still consider them novice. Owned by Anne Tanjutco & Ivan Tanjutco who ruined our wedding day. Everything is set & beautifully arranged except their service. Nagpagawa kme ng sheer fabric curtain where they gave us rental na worth 12000 pero npakapoor ng material. even ung platform bridge na bumigay at kmauntikan na meron maaksidente. Even ang japanese lantern na porr ang set up sa venue. To all future couples I discourage you to hire BELLS & DOVES for your coordination & wedding services. They have the very poorest quailty of service, they were only interested sa payments and not on 100 percent quality. mwawala pa sila sa mismong event mo pra walang masisisi at babalik nlng kung patapos na. Again I give awareness & warning not to get get or to think to have BELLS & DOVES service owned by engr ANNE TANJUTCO & IVAN TANJUTCO. They will only ruin your event. and give bad impressions sa mga guest nyo.

  7. @Anonymous ouch, that's a painful experience!

  8. hi ms. aileen, ask ko lang po sana kung san yung church mo?yung picture sa taas..ang ganda ganda po ngayon ng hahanap pa lang kame ng church..nice din yung magallanes church,n0h?..pero sadly budgeted lang ang magiging wedding sana makayanan ko yun..heheheh hope you can help me po..thanks! thanks!

  9. @Anonymous we had our ceremony at Mary the Queen. Aside from cost also consider the fact that you'll be visiting the church several times before the wedding since there is a lot of requirements you need to submit. Would be best to hold the wedding in your own Parish :)

  10. I agree with what was said against BELL AND DOVES, sobrang palpak ng service nila! Nagpa-design kami ng stage for a corporate event at grabe sobrang poor ng quality at late pa sila. Pati yung picture at video hanggang ngayon after almost a year d pa rin nabibigay. Interested lang sila sa payments nyo, so please WAG NA WAG NYO SILANG KUKUNIN kasi swindler lang sila at sobrang novice in this business, sayang lang pera nyo. Haay! Sana karmahin na yang Anne Tanjutco at Ivan Tanjutco na yan! Bahala na si God sa kanila!

  11. I 4th emotion po! hindi po tlga professional yung bells and doves. as in! sila na nga may kasalanan sila pa may ganang magalit. At take note sila pa may lakas ng loob magdemanda sa client. nasabi sakin nung friend ko nabasa nila sa blog.

  12. Everyone! True talaga yung regarding Bells and Doves. Kasi yung friend ko dapat kukunin sila as wedding cooridanator dahil nga mura lang yung package at maraming freebies! Pero buti na lang may nakapagsabi sakanila na marami na nga daw palpak yang bells and doves na yan at madami nga hindi na nagbayad sakanila dahil nga sino ba naman na client yung gugustuhin pa magbayad ng balance e sinira na nila yung wedding or yung mga events. Madalas pa daw panakot nung may-ari Engr. Anne yata nga yung name e idedemanda niya dahil hindi nagbayad! dapat nga sila ang idemanda dahil sa mga palpak na ginawa nila d ba? KApal din ng mukha ng may-ari na yun. Kaya kayong mga nabiktima ng bells and doves na to dapat nag-file kayo ng case laban sakanila! once in a lifetime lang kayo ikakasal tapos nightmare pala ang gagawin lang ng coordinator na yan. Para wala ng mabiktima pa. Napakaunprofessional talaga! nakakatakot ang dami ng reklamo sakanila. Nakausap ko nga din yung isang nabiktima nila true pala talaga kaya nga chinika ko agad sa friend ko para naman di sila masama sa biktima!

  13. Everyone! True talaga yung regarding Bells and Doves. Kasi yung friend ko dapat kukunin sila as wedding cooridanator dahil nga mura lang yung package at maraming freebies! Pero buti na lang may nakapagsabi sakanila na marami na nga daw palpak yang bells and doves na yan at madami nga hindi na nagbayad sakanila dahil nga sino ba naman na client yung gugustuhin pa magbayad ng balance e sinira na nila yung wedding or yung mga events. Madalas pa daw panakot nung may-ari Engr. Anne yata nga yung name e idedemanda niya dahil hindi nagbayad! dapat nga sila ang idemanda dahil sa mga palpak na ginawa nila d ba? KApal din ng mukha ng may-ari na yun. Kaya kayong mga nabiktima ng bells and doves na to dapat nag-file kayo ng case laban sakanila! once in a lifetime lang kayo ikakasal tapos nightmare pala ang gagawin lang ng coordinator na yan. Para wala ng mabiktima pa. Napakaunprofessional talaga! nakakatakot ang dami ng reklamo sakanila. Nakausap ko nga din yung isang nabiktima nila true pala talaga kaya nga chinika ko agad sa friend ko para naman di sila masama sa biktima!

  14. TO ALL NA NAGING CLIENT DIN NG BELLS AND DOVES - magsama sama tayo and join forces to WARN EVERYONE reg their services. If only there's a way to contact you guys. I'm really frustrated with their services!!! =( SANA TALAGA KARMAHIN MGA YAN. KAYA SIGURO NAGTAKE NG LAW YANG ANNE TANJUTCO NA YAN DAHIL MADAMI NA NAGFIFILE NG KASO SA KANILA!!!

    Let me know how to contact you guys. Kawawa talaga mga maloloko nila na couples. Grabe sila talaga sumisira sa name ng WEDDING COORDINATORS!!!

  15. Wow. I'm doing some research reg that BELLS AND DOVES EVENT MANAGEMENT AND SERVICES owned by Anne and Ivan Tanjutco before hiring theme and I'm so so so glad I did. Sobrang dami pala nilang bad reviews.

    Kita niyo ba yung website nila?? Ang pangit obvius na di mapagkakatiwalaan nga. I really felt sorry for their clients talaga. BAD REVIEWS sa tents, photobooth, stage, invites and wedding coordination. Mukang lahat ata ng nagiging clients nila di natutuwa sa services nila.

    I read it also somewhere from one of the blogs who also hired them for a FULL COORDINATION who sued them. Nawala ko lang link nung site. Pero totoo, don't hire them people. Sakit nga lang sila sa ulo kung di maganda ang services nila.

    Scary. Ang dami na pala naloloko ng Bells and Doves na yan!!! Nakakatakot!!!

  16. WHAT?! BELLS AND DOVES pa ang nag sue sa client nila? Sooooo twisted.

    They sue for what? for giving them BAD REVIEWS?! It's their client's opinion and their only sharing their BAD EXPERIENCES online for crying out loud. We are all well within our rights to give an honest opinion specially when it comes to public service, etc.

    Plus if they SUE CLIENTS for giving an honest opinion about their crap service - that would actually create far more BAD PUBLICITY by suing than by ignoring them and learning from their bad reviews. I don't think a REPUTABLE company would want that kind of publicity anyway.

  17. What a great site! You really got the talent and skill to be a wedding planner! GOOD JOB! I really love this site as in! Ang dami niya natulong sa pag prepare ng wedding namin. Thank you so much. =)It really shows that you have the passion talaga. Thank you for all the great tips you share to everyone.

    As for that Bells and Doves - tsk. tsk. Shame on you. SHAME ON YOU.

  18. @Anonymous wow! Thank you for the compliment. I am not a wedding planner by profession -- I just like blogging about tips and stuff I learn along the way and I didn't hire a wedding planner for my wedding. All you need to be is organized hehehe.

  19. Hi sige girl! panu ba ikaw macontact? dapat talaga magawan ng paraan na mawala na yung tulad nila sa industry ng coorinators. kaawa awa kasi talaga tayo! may female network ka ba? lets join forces against that bells and doves!! Sana yung iba ring victim makiisa. Para sa mga susunod na ikakasala hindi na maulit ulit mga nangrayi sa iba.

  20. @aileen sana ikaw na ang way namin para masugpo yang bells and doves na yan. hindi kasi namin alam kung panu kami makakapg-usap usap na mga naging biktima ng BELLS and Doves na yan! Ano ngayon kung Atty siya? dapat alam niya yung pinasok niya.

  21. I was not surprised about the writeups about Bells and Doves. i myself read writeups about them but we gave them a chance and so far natapos ang wedding namin last December 23 wala naman naging palpak or whatsoever. Nagorder kami ng tents, flowers, trellis, cake, gowns and barongs from them naging ok naman. Sila din semi - coordinator namin nagturnover kami ng husband ko sa kanila 5 months ago. Oo sobrang busy sila kaya di sila gaya ng ibang coordinator na laging nanjan pero I guess ok pa rin na busy ang coordinator kaysa naman yung ibang coordinator na laging nanjan kasi walang client. They informed us na they only have 4 days vacant for December kasi sobrang dami ng bookings pero we understand naman.

    Di natin maalis na merong pumalpak sa ibang event nila pero hindi naman lahat kasi gaya ng sa amin di naman najeopardize ang event namin at mga order. I think dapat lang magkaroon ng constant reminder sa bawat Bride and Groom na wag din iasa lahat sa coordinator kasi syempre iba ang preference ng bawat isa sa atin. What's acceptable to them may not be acceptable to others.

    Isa pa, madaming coordinators na pumapalpak di lang sila. Rita Neri is one na I heard may event sya na di sya familiar sa specifications and instructions ng Bride. Meron din freelance coordinators na magcocoordinate lang sa day ng event walang ibang gagawin kungdi umupo lang sa registration table o panoorin ang bride habang nagpapa makeup.

    Sa mga couples na ikakasal pa lang all I can say is that you have to decide on what you want to have on your wedding day. Kahit may order na kayo you can still impose. Kayo ang may right magset ng standards at wag ibang tao. Your coordinators are just there to relay your specifications to your suppliers nasa inyo ang last decision. Don't be spoonfed by them I guess dun nagkakaproblem kasi di rin naman nila makapa kung ano ang gusto ng bawat isang couple.

  22. we have the same fate with belles and doves last christmas. they did not show up with the agreed photo booth and i have been after them for more than a month to refund my deposit to no avial. i am now coordinating with the paranaque barangay captain to help me with the business address and intervene. i was advised to file a complaint letter. please help me by posting their business address. this is a case of working and trusting someone in good faith but it was not applicable to people like them. i hope they realize the consequences of their actions. thanks

  23. Hi, I have to agree with all the negative comments here about BELLS and DOVES. I booked their photo booth for my wedding last Dec. 4, 2010 and they did not show up! The owner Anne Taningco has no were to be found, when my wedding coordinator is doing the follow up Anne is not answering the calls, instead its her husband Ivan Tanjutco who informed my coordinator that the photo had an accident. The call time of the photo booth is 2pm and they only answered the calls and follow up of my coordinator around 8pm. When we don't have time anymore to get a replacement for them. It's like they intentionally delay giving us the information so we cant do anything anymore. When I'm booking them, specifically Anne Taningco as she is the once who personally meet me to have me signed the contract and get the down payment, said she is the owner and also one of the engineers. When i ask her how many photo booth they have cos i wanna make sure if something happen with one, there will be a standby that will surely go to my wedding. She said i shouldn't worry on that matter cos they have more than 3 photo booth, so if ever one will broke down or on the way has encounter something on the road there will be a definite standby that will go to my event. But then, my wedding day came, and Ivan said the photo booth had an accident and there will no more photo booth coming. I asked him where are the other more photo booth that Anne said will be on standby for this kind of situation? And he just simply said "eh wala mam". Just like that, and truely up to the end of my wedding, no photo booth from Bells and Doves has came.
    I am now complaining Bells and Doves, specifically owner Anne Tanjutco and Ivan Tanjutco at Paranaque mayors office. I have the contract that they gave me during the time Anne is getting my downpayment. I also have the closed account check that they deposited to my account, my bank gave it to me so i have a proof, then i have all the thread message history of our text conversations, i had it re-type so i can have it printed. I have these all support documents to submit at the mayors office so i have proof that this Bells and Doves is a scammer.
    I have posted this so i could somehow warned people that might possibly book this company in their future event only to get poor service and worst no service at all like i got. I hope this message could reach wide network to stop this Bells and Doves from scamming from other people.
    For the Anonymous person on "January 26, 2011 11:32 AM" comment. This is the complete address of Bells and Doves:
    2D Medalla Milagrosa Street, San Antonio Valley 3, ParaƱaque City, Metro Manila, 1715 Philippines
    Telephone No: (632) 385-5317 / 5770102
    Mobile No: 0915 2888715 / 0917 5470411
    I am having them complaint at Mayor Florencio Bernabe of Paranaque. This is the mayors office number 820-77-83, just look for the secretary so you can ask questions on how to file a complaint. As what she instructed me, just write a complaint and submit it to the mayor's office so they can asses the matter. Here is the complete address of the mayor's office:
    Attention: Mayor Florencio Bernabe
    Office of the Mayor
    San Antonio Valley 1 DASA
    Barangay San Antonio
    ParaƱaque 1700 PHILIPPINES
    Should I need to in the future, I hope to hear and get a support from all of you who also had a bad experience from this Bells and Doves company.
    You may coordinate with me thru my email address:

  24. Good move Karen! I actually forwarded the complaints posted here to the wedding coordinators association, but they never replied. Also trying to get some feedback as well from people in the industry, but still waiting for their reply. Hope your complaint flourishes because it's sad to see how this company ruins stuff for a wedding. I know because I experienced it as well with another supplier.

  25. Hi Aileen, Thank you so much! Appreciate the help in advance. Too bad i wasn't able to see all these negative feedback about Bells and Doves when I'm booking them. I am a big fan of suppliers site like multiply, and 88db where i have found Bells and Doves site being promoted. Being a member myself i have all my trust that this is a good supplier as well. But then sorry for me, i had to experience the fraud of this company, worst on my wedding day.

    Lesson learned, never trust anyone to easy. Specially if your gonna use it for one big time special event of your life.

    Thanks Aileen for having a site like this. It helps many people that are soon to get wed and those whose already got wed but had a bad experience to share and to warn others.

  26. Hi,I just read this site regarding the complaints against bells and doves. FYI, the couples (tanjutco) moved out already from paranaque. I am one of their victims and I and my husband had filed a case against them in court. Actually, a warrant of arrest is being prepared for them. To those who know the present adress of the tanjutcos,please send me thru my email ad- so the warrant of arrest will be served to them. Please let us unite to put those couples in jail. This is the only way to stop them from victimizing other couples-to-be. Please I'm begging you to help search the present adress of the tanjutcos. Let justice prevail for us all. Also, you can file also your compaints against them to make it stronger...

  27. we can report BELLS AND DOVES as fraud/scammer here:

    This is to tell the world that BELLS AND DOVES by Anne and Ivan Tanjutco can't be trusted. These people are too brave to sue their clients even if they were the ones who did wrong. Instead of apologizing, they threaten their clients. What kind of people are these? No integrity and no principle. They are ruining entrepreneurs in this country.

    Please let's warn everyone.

  28. Lagot ka Bells and doves!! ang yabang niyo kasi!! kaso kaso pa kayo sa clients niyo e kayo nga dapat kasuhan! kapal ng face ng mag-asawa na yan!! karma sainyo yan

  29. grabe after a year, I'm giving up on those pictures/videos that never came and still now no word from them. I got tired of calling them again and again and they wouldn't even answer. They deserve to feel the distress and disappointments the clueless people had that they swindled, gave really poor services, etc. Mukha lang silang pera, and all their advertisements are lies. Anne Tanjutco and Ivan Tanjutco will all one day experience the severity of the consequences karma will throw at them. Bells and Doves is BS!

  30. We had a very bad personal experience with Bells and Doves, Anne Tanjutco and Ivan Tanjutco. Alam nyo ba sa event namin last year, it's supposed to start at 9am, and we paid for stage design, photobooth, and video coverage, it was really humiliating na makita ng mga guests na late na nga sila, dun pa sina Ivan Tanjutco at dalawang pang lalaki nagpukpok inside the venue ng design na ilalagay sa stage. As in nagpupukpok sila sa tabla or wood na dala nila na ewan parang bata ang nagdrawing. Sobrang poor nung design grabe nakakahiya po talaga sa guests namin, it was a corporate event. Pati yung tarpaulin wala at sabi d daw napagawa eh matagal na po naka-book.

    Yung photobooth, papatayuin lang nila yung guest sa isang wall na may manila paper (is that the yellow one called?) tapos yun na ang photobooth. Yung printout nun, parang sa printer lang sa bahay naprint, expanded pa yung mga faces na parang niresize lang at kuha sa cheap celfone ang dating. Yung nagppicture na cameraman ang rude na, umuwi pa ng maaga.

    Sobrang humiliating talaga. Ang kapal pa ng mukha magdemand ng full payment agad before the event. Tapos naningil pa ng extra payment dahil may nawawala daw na masks na hindi ko naverify sa guests, at sino naman mag-uuwi nun I can't believe, yung masks in truth sobrang mediocre naman na parang feather lang yung chicken ang nakakabit. Yung photos ng event at videos wala po talaga, kahit anong followup sabi nasa supplier na at iddeliver na daw, sobrang liar nila ni Anne at Ivan Tanjutco. At nang-threaten pa yung Ivan sa text na tumigil na ko at d daw sila aatras, huh? Grabe, I'm sharing this experience to warn others NEVER EVER GET THEIR SERVICES NO MATTER WHAT. Sayang lang po pera nyo. I should have known earlier, I didn't search for reviews kasi.

    This is a first hand horrible experience. Karmahin na sana kayo Anne Tanjutco and Ivan Tanjutco sa lahat ng panloloko nyo sa maraming tao.

  31. Guys I would attest to that...I even contacted with Karen Pilapil for the incident happened on her wedding coz we were also one of their victims.

    They should supposed to be our supplier for the tents on the event from February 10-13 at Pampanga, the deal was they should supposed to set it up for 4 days. I followed their condition to give 70% downpayment and even met with the supposed to be “owners" Engr. Anne and Ivan Tanjutco and 30% on the date of the delivery. The 1st day they showed up with their crappy and undurable tents, and when the time they set-up it collapsed. The tents worth P13,500/day just to collapse as easy as that. The 2nd day they should supposed to get back to bring up another batch of tents, but they have more excuses rather than bringing the tents back to the site. On the 3rd and 4th day, they don’t even bother to show up anymore and worst they won’t even refund the money we paid.

    These owners and couple Engr. Anne and Ivan Tanjutco are highly unprofessional couple and have poor business ethics. As we all know I'm not the first person to report their illegal business actions. They have bad reputations in our business industries, they just left us hanging in silence as we need their cooperation to fix the problem. I guess this couple, doesn’t know about “business integrity” contrary to what they said that they are already 10 years in business.

    We have pending case against them at DTI, if you are doubtful, I can show to you all the evidences and documents against these people. And the DTI people are taking action on this incident.

    If you're interested my email is:


  32. I saw another ad of Bells and Doves here:

    is there a way we can tell them that these people are scammers? para naman wala na sila maloko. =(

  33. @Anonymous I tried reporting them to the association of wedding planners, but they never replied to my email. Also tried to report via, but nothing happened too.

  34. hi guys..please u have any idea if how can we get our pictures on bells and doves? yeah it was so frustrating on what they did to my wedding...I'll just want the pictures but don't know how to get it from them..they don't even tell me the address of the photographer/ client they send our pictures.I'll really need your help..:(

  35. hi just need your help on what we can do to get our pictures from bells and doves..i know they dont have money to pay for the photographer thats why they were holding our pictures..i need some advise how we can get our picts..thanks..

  36. To those who want to give bad reviews to bells and doves to reach more people and warn everyone, you can write it here:

  37. My friend is a victim naman of Petals and Charles naghire sila ng photo and video coverage from them inabot ng less than 2 months wala pa ang cd and dvds nun pala walang recording ang video kapal pa ng mukha nung William Reyes(owner) ibinabalik lang ay P 1,500 at yung mini dv na walang laman at isang hand written letter of apology.

    Nung kinukulit na sila tungkol sa video kesyo ineedit padaw at dipa tapos. Nung galit na yung parents ng friend ko saka lang nila sinabi na walang laman at walang narecord. Pinapasa nila sa ibang company yung fault kasi nag outsource daw sila pero wala naman sya mailabas na tao and for all we know tao din nila yun.

    Arogante at bastos pa sumagot yung william kesyo di daw nila kasalanan yun at wala silang liability kundi ibalik yung pera. Hello? Ilang daang libo ang nagastos para dun tapos niloko lang nila.

  38. dear guys.. sadly i read this blogs late... these couples are still free to do nasty things... anyone who can help me ? they got my money as payment fro tent rentals... but it was a disaster...

  39. Just wanted to add to the Bells and Doves complaint. I am one of the suppliers of Bells and Doves and they have not paid me after a year. So they are making a LOT OF MONEY by collecting from clients and NOT PAYING their suppliers.

    Presently we have filed a case, but i agree with all you Netizens. We should spread the word in different sites, so that they don't get clients/suppliers anymore. Aileen, thank you for trying to write the associations and the other websites. Bells and Doves (aka as BAD) shouldn't be allowed to post advertisements and should lose their business license.

  40. we are also looking for these scammers. they renter a vehicle from us and did not pay up. they even argued with us saying "maliit na halaga yan para hindi namin bayaran", but as we expected, they did not pay up. hinanap hanap pa namin sila para lang makuha kotse. nag issue ng check pero closed account naman. if anyone has any new information on BELLS & DOVES service owned by engr ANNE TANJUTCO & IVAN TANJUTCO, ill appreciate it. pls email thank you.

  41. naginquire ako sa kanila tru their email address wala naman nagreply. after a few days nagmessage ako sa website nila several times and huling reply sa akin "Bells and Doves is no longer in operation" nagtanong ako sa friend ko sa BIR about this company at sinabi nya na may record dun na nag file na ng bankrupcy ang kumpanyang Bells and Doves. Tingin ko nanalo na ang mga tao na sumali sa blog na ito and finally wala na silang maaabalang tao. Sana naging lesson na sa kanila ito. Good thing you came up with this blog. I think we all owe Aileen for this.

  42. Bells and Doves don't trust them it's been 2 years I haven't receive my wedding photos and videos. I been trying to email them for so long no response from them and all I'm asking is my wedding photos and videos from my wedding or a full refund. Help! I need to get a hold of them.

  43. Bells and Doves - - ipaTULFO na yan para wala na sila maloko!!!