Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bridal Make-Up

I admit, I want to be beautiful on my wedding day! And we've been scouting around for the perfect make-up artist. I know there are a lot and most, if not all, are very skilled, but I wanted someone I'd have good rapport with.

I originally wanted Inay, my long-time hairdresser and make-up artist to take care of my "look" for the wedding, but she said that they don't service anymore outside of the salon. I rarely have my make-up done professionally, so I was quite at a loss at the beginning. So we scouted for some when we attended wedding expos.

I wasn't keen on doing several trial make-ups. It takes time and is costly too, but I know it's important to go through at least one and I did for four reasons:

1. I wanted to see if the make-up artist would be able to make me look really pretty without changing how I look. I don't want Sweetie to think he's marrying someone else. LOL.

2. I wanted to see how long the make-up would last and if it wouldn't cake/crack. I've also been having a lot of allergies, so that's a huge concern.

3. I don't want heavy make-up. I just want to use a couple of cotton balls and astringent when I take the make-up off. Besides, I'm going to be a bride and not an actor for a play.

4. I want to see if I have good rapport with the make-up artist.

So what do you think?

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