Monday, August 10, 2009

Choosing Your Wedding Gown

Last weekend I got the chance to interview wedding gown designer Amonn Velasco. In this video he gives three tips for brides on how to look stunning on your wedding day.

Amonn Velasco
call or text 7117140 / 0917-5751604


  1. I'm sure nakinig ka naman sa who's planning your wedding? Nyahahaha! - Ate Neys

  2. Uhmm.. Amonn??? He's great! Yeah.. I agree with his tips... Gown should be fit to ur personality and consider ur figure... ur asset!To tell u guys... d first time I met him, I never doubt and I decided not to look for another wedding gown designer. I look dazzling, stunning, and fabulous on dat day... my BIG DAY!courteousy of Amonn Velasco! Thanks a lot! - Czarina