Monday, June 29, 2009

Caterer Review: Lina Vitan

In the past few weeks my fiance and I have been attending food tasting events and the last one we had was hosted by Lina Vitan at Oasis Manila.

Food. 4 stars out of 5. The dishes they served weren't as different as the other caterers we've been to, but they were tasteful and not dry. They also have a number of menus you can mix and match depending on what you like.

Service. I like the fact that Ms. Lina Vitan was present during the event. The other events that we attended just had account executives present and they weren't open to adjusting the menu. Ms. Vitan sat down with our friends who booked that day and personally gave suggestions on the garden set-up that they wanted. Having the owner around is always a good sign.

Styling. I wasn't that impressed though with the styling of the venue. The materials and look they used to present different themes seemed a bit amateur for me.

Equipment. Compared to other caterers the chairs and tables, plates and utensils they used for the event seemed to be fairly new. I've been mollified by some prominent caterers who used sub-standard equipment (i.e. rusty chairs, mantels with holes!).

Price. I find them a bit pricey for the value that they are giving.

What was noteworthy about the event was the attentiveness of the waiters and the food. I just hope though that they would be fast in replacing empty trays during a wedding.

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