Sunday, May 24, 2009

Souvenir Idea for Silver Wedding Anniversary

My Mom's friend, Tita Emma, put this souvenir together for her 25th wedding anniversary. It's a set of table napkins with beaded napkin holders placed in a window box.

It's actually easy to assemble! You can buy all materials in Divisoria:

window box
napkin holder - beads + garter

I'll try to make a how-to-do post about the napkin holder soon :)

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  1. hi! thanks for this informative blog (i'd be getting married soon)...btw, you may want to check out the beads in Wellmanson in Quiap..they've got really nice beads...or you can also use swarovski beads instead...they have those in 88 Shopping Plaze also in Quiap =)