Monday, March 30, 2009

Preparing for the Pamamanhikan

I wrote a lengthy post about the pamamanhikan about 2 years ago here on Twisted Wedding Planner and it was pretty easy for me to relay several experiences about it since I wasn't the bride-to-be.

Now I'm going bonkers over this Filipino tradition because I am about to go through it. I know that not many parents require their daughter's fiance to go through this, but my parents are very traditional. And to them my engagement is not complete yet since my fiance's parents have not formally asked for my hand. 

It was my Mom who reminded me about it and I immediately told my fiance about it. We then researched about this tradition and we found some really good articles written by and The best thing to do is to prepare yourself for the questions your parents may ask. 

Pamamanhikan is basically where your fiance's father asks for your hand in marriage from your father. It's often awkward especially if it's the first time your parents are going to meet. I hope and pray mine will run smoothly. 

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