Friday, March 15, 2013

Wedding Gown and Entourage Gowns Designer

Being creative and practical are two key skills you need while planning your wedding. With limited budget you need to make choices that can fulfill your heart's desire while being practical. I took that approach when I was working on the gowns for my wedding. I visited several designs in Metro Manila, but found them quite expensive. I just wanted a simple gown and I luckily found a great designer who I had good rapport with at a wedding fair. I decided to go another way though for the gowns of my entourage.

I wanted to involve my family in the preparations for my wedding so I got my niece, Patricia Apolo, to design the gowns for the entourage. She was skilled at it because she's done several weddings already even though she was still in high school during that time. My talented niece made these for my huge entourage (this is just a sample):

And after carefully choosing the right cloth and working closely with the seamstress I got exactly what I wanted. Here's how I pulled it off.

My talented niece has recently graduated from fashion design school and is ready to accept orders for designing. Inquire here.

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