Friday, March 22, 2013

Wedding Arras (Wedding Arrhae)

One of the most important symbols used during a wedding is the wedding arras (wedding arrhae). My Mom told me that it symbolizes money and the promise of your husband to provide for you.

The wedding arras is usually a collection of coins provided by the couple or provided by your wedding gown designer as part of the package. It's usually placed in a small pouch or bag (or you can be creative) brought to the altar by a coin bearer. If you're using valuable coins make sure you ask one of your relatives or friends to secure it after the ceremony.

After the pamamanhikan my Mom gave me a small bag of coins. She said that my grandmother gave her the coins and she split it into three. One set for my sister, another for my brother and the last set for me. Both my brother and sister used the coins as arras for their wedding too. Using the coins my Mom gave me made the arras more valuable to us since it felt like my grandparents were around as well to witness our wedding.


  1. I am amazed with the wedding arras of my parents because it's rare and old Philippine peso coins which I want to add to my coin collection. LOL. My mom was so mad at me when I asked permission if I could have just one piece. She said, no. Explaining the value of arras in a marriage.

  2. @Celine haha, I highly doubt your Mom will give it to you for your collection. The coins we used are made of silver and my Mom painstakingly cleaned them to make them shiny again. Miguel inherited his Lolo's money and coin collection, not a lot but rare coins.

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