Sunday, March 3, 2013

Do You Need Pre-nup Photos?

When Sweetie and I were planning our wedding one of the tasks we had listed was to have a pre-nup photo. Most of our plans though flew out the window since we lost 6 critical weeks from our planning time because of Typhoon Ondoy. Because we had to take care of other things we decided that we didn't need to have a formal pre-nup photo shoot because we had a gazillion of photos from the first time we met. We both loved taking photos so our real problem was choosing what to use.

Our dear friends, Markku and Hana, offered to do a pre-nup shoot for us, but I was so busy traveling around the country because of some work projects I just said we'd take up their offer for a post-wedding shoot (we haven't done it until now haha).

Sweetie joined me in one of my trips to Cagayan de Oro. Aside from work we managed to meet the artisan who hand-crafted our rings. My dear friend's Mom owned the jewelry store (Golconda Jewels) so we entrusted our rings to her (and Sweetie got my engagement ring from them too). Honey (my friend) brought us to see the Del Monte pineapple plantation and to have lunch at the golf course club house. And since we had our camera we decided to have some casual pre-nup photos taken. We thought it would depict us better than having a staged-all-made-up photo session (well that's just us).

I gave the same advise to friends who got married. Throughout their relationship I would take their photos and I eventually used this to surprise them with their love story video. Instead of getting them a traditional gift I printed for them photos from way back in the 90s to the present to show how their love progressed through the years. They were really happy about it and said it was good to see photos of the two of them since they were young (I guess I always knew that they'd end up together).

So my advise is, take as many photos throughout your relationship before tying the knot. This would should your family and the rest of your friends who didn't really see how your relationship grew. And well it's something you can show to your kids later on. 

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