Monday, December 27, 2010

A Guide for Maids of Honor

Anne, my maid of honor who made sure I was always picture perfect.

I have been maid of honor several times before I got married. I was a professional abay and had gowns of every color theme imaginable. When I wasn't a maid of honor I would prep the anointed MOH of what they should do. I did have lots of experience because my first MOH stint was when I was just eleven years old. Crazy huh?

So here's a guide for maids of honor:

1. The rule: your main job is to make sure that the bride is beautiful and comfortable at ALL times. If she ends up oily/sweaty/ugly in a photo it's your fault. (This is the reason why I had THREE MOHs). You are to be the bride's guardian angel/fairy godmother.

2. The second rule: just focus on the bride. For everything else, it's the job of the bridesmaids/groomsmen.

3. What to have in your bag: tissue (lots of it), powder, lipstick, wet tissue alcohol, safety pins, bobby pins, double sided tape, small scissors, small comb, cellphone, and smelling salts (my sister once had to revive my cousin who fainted during the wedding!). These are all for the bride and not you.

4. What to have in an extra bag: slippers, hairspray, make-up (blush on etc.), towel, camera, suppliers list, charger, ballpen, script, and list of entourage.

5. Do not get stressed. You have no right to be stressed because the bride might get affected. Keep calm and always reassure your bride that things are going well.

And, of course, be prepared for your speech in case the couple requires you to come up on stage to share something about them.

And, don't forget to smile.

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